January Artist of the Month: Marvella

January Artist of the Month: Marvella

VersaChalk Artist of the Month this January - @marvellachalks

Tell us a little about yourself.  How did you get started? 
It all started in 2014, at the restaurant I was working at.  I realized I had a fascination with drawing letters and making eye-catching signs of specials and menu options. I got in touch with local breweries and restaurants that heard of me through friends and the service industry network, and just like that: I was the local chalk artist vamping up all the chalkboards and signs in town. I got to the point that I was doing more chalk than service industry. Everything has slowed down for me since the COVID shutdowns but I'm still hopeful to get back into it full swing in the future. 


What do you love most about being a lettering artist/calligrapher?
Before starting a new project, I love the planning process of choosing the mood; the style, colors, and illustrations that will elevate the message that I have to convey. Lettering is limitless and I love the challenge of bringing it together and making it stand out.  


What do you like to do in your spare time / Fun facts about yourself! 

In my spare time, I create chalk pastel portraits, design and sell stickers, study the enormous world of wine, cuddle with my two kitties, and wait for the world to get back to normal so that I can (safely!) do restaurant signage again.