Neon Liquid Chalk Markers, Set of 8


The Premier Brand of Chalk Markers for Professionals

These neon chalk markers aren't your average chalk markers! These neon markers are packed with professional quality ink imported from Germany and built to last. Unlike other neon chalk markers, these do not smudge once applied to the given surface, and they have a durable tip so that the chalk marker will last as long as the neon chalk itself. The dual sided tips allow for broad strokes as well as fine details. These neon markers can be used on chalkboards, plastic, vinyl, glass, and even metal. Even though the ink does not smudge, it still can be removed if desired simply by using a damp cloth or paper towel. Since these neon chalk markers are of professional quality, it is important to note that they should not be mixed with other chalkboard paint media. These neon markers are also non-toxic, and the neon chalk itself does not expel any odor unlike some other neon chalk that is available today.