Sibling's Day Chalkboard Crafts

National Siblings Day Chalkboard Craft Projects

There's nothing like a sibling's bond. They are our first friend, first enemy, and first partner in crime. They are the ones who know us best and always have our back no matter what.

We often fight over toys as kids but we also share secrets as adults. This special bond cannot be broken - through thick and thin.

On April 10th, sure, you can surprise them with gifts or treat them to a fun date, but wouldn't it be genuine to ring them up and reconnect through something memorable?

This National Siblings Day, celebrate the unique bond you share with your brothers and/or sisters with some DIY chalkboard craft projects! Make this day extra special by spending a little quality time and feeling like little kids again.


Sibling Painting ideas & Chalkboard Crafts Projects

There are tons of arts  and crafts to do together for siblings of any age. Not only is it a fun way to bond, but you also end up with a unique keepsake that will remind you of your special sibling relationship.

Many of you may have already browsed through Pinterest or Google for inspiration, but we'll make it easier and more detailed for you.

Below are just a few ideas to get the ball running.


Project #1: Paint Me a  Chalkboard Art Piece

For this project, you'll need a chalkboard canvas or cardboard surface to decorate and paint with drawings, handprints, and designs. Whether it's just the two of you or a whole bunch of siblings, this project is a great fit for your crew.

Use different colored VersaChalk liquid chalk markers to add a unique artistic contribution to the shared chalkboard canvas. The youngest ones can make colorful handprints while older siblings draw pictures, patterns, or messages.

Create fun shapes cut out of the chalkboard and add an extra creative touch. Take a look at these end results for inspo.

Artwork by: @hyokim_crafts


This chalkboard bear looks really snuggly.

Or, you can switch up your design to something on par with the Spring season.


For the next project, check out this cool chalkboard craft idea geared toward older siblings.


Project #2: Chalkboard Scrapbook

When the kiddos get a little bit older, getting them to agree on something can become a bit more challenging. That's what's so great about this project - each sibling gets their own chalkboard "page" to decorate exactly how they want.

No arguments, no compromising, just pure art!

Artwork by: @theartofhomemakingph

Here's how to make your own sibling chalkboard scrapbook:

First up, you'll need to create the base pages. The cheapest route is to cover blank canvases with chalkboard paint or chalkboard contact paper.

Creating chalkboard pages is tricky, but not with VersaChalk's contact paper.

Once you've got your chalkboard pages ready, it's time for the fun part. Set out a variety of liquid chalk markers in tons of white and vivid colors. The youngest siblings can make colorful handprints while the older kids draw pictures, write stories, or whatever their hearts desire.

To make it extra special, use a metallic chalk marker to add each child's name, the date, and maybe even a title to their page.

When every sibling has put the final touches on their masterpiece, it's time to bind all the chalkboard pages together into a book. You can use binder rings for a simple solution or get fancy with book binding supplies.

The end result is a totally unique chalkboard scrapbook with a special page from each of your kids. It captures a little snapshot of their artistic talents, interests, and personalities at that age. Plus it makes an awesome coffee table book to show off to family and friends!


Project #3: The Pot Painting Project

For a practical and inexpensive pot painting project, grab some old pots or terracotta pots. Make sure they are clean and dry before painting.

For a full painting experience, press the liquid chalk markers onto a palette to ooze out the ink, grab some small brushes, and start making those fine strokes.


Artwork by: @charligraphy


Once the pots are dry from ink, help the kids pick out a small plant or fresh flowers to go inside each one. Seeing their finished creations come to life with some greenery is such a rewarding moment! You can even refresh the plants every week.

Display the blooming sibling pots together on a windowsill, mantle, or side table as a reminder of your kids' creativity and close-knit relationship. They make great gifts for grandparents too!


Project #4: Sip & Paint Glass Painting

 A Sip & Paint activity on Siblings Day is a must, especially for working girls (or boys) sibs who only meet once in a while.

You've probably seen those trendy sip and paint studios popping up all over, where you can sip on wine or cocktails while an instructor guides you through painting a masterpiece.

Well, we're putting a sibling-friendly spin on the concept with this adorable glass painting project.


Artwork by: @jessicadrapercalligraphy


Here's how to host your own sibling sip and paint bash at home:

First up, you'll need some supplies - glassware like mason jars, cups, or vases (one for each sibling), liquid chalk markers, and tape or stickers to create patterns and designs. Oh, and don't forget "sippable" beverages for the kiddos like juice boxes, milk, and fancy mocktails for the adults.

Set up a crafting station with all your supplies and let the siblings go to town decorating their glasses however they'd like.

Crank up some fun tunes and make sure to capture the precious memories with lots of photos and videos!


It's a Wrap!

These are it for a fun Siblings Day chalkboard craft project. You can make these an annual tradition with a new theme each year. You can always improvise these crafts and projects into something you and your sibs would agree to.

Do you have any fun project in mind?