Memorial Weekend BBQ Essentials Chalkboard art

How to Throw an Epic Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Party

The start of the summer holiday stretches into a long weekend, perfect for good food and company. And perhaps, a little friendly competition with the neighbors.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the unofficial kick-off to summer - the Memorial Day weekend. A backyard barbecue bash is just one of the few known traditions.

Some celebrate this holiday with a Memorial Day parade, concert, baseball game, an afternoon on a rooftop bar, or a stroll at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers museum.

Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Museum
Source: Washington DC


Meanwhile, others take the celebration to the suburbs, grilling out burgers and hotdogs, with a drink in hand.

If you're one of the many who's looking forward to hosting a Memorial Day weekend BBQ party, we're here to lay down a few crafty ideas for you.

But first...

Memorial Day: What exactly are we celebrating?

While many refer to it simply as a three-day weekend, Memorial Day holds a deeper meaning.

This US federal holiday remembers those who served the country's armed forces. Originally known as "Decoration Day", it was first celebrated after the Civil War to honor Union soldiers who lost their lives. Now, we celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May each year.

Speaking of 'Decoration', it's the last thing we will miss out on in this article. Now, getting down to business.


Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Ideas

First impressions matter, and your backyard should reflect the fun-filled day ahead. Here's where a little creativity goes a long way.

memorial day dinosaur chalkboard art

Artwork by: @thelmalouise_art

See this chalkboard art idea? This is Jessica just setting up the stage.

Great food, drinks, and some dino-bites make up a great party. You can recreate this awesome artwork using a magnetic chalkboard or wood framed chalkboard. Jessica used a liquid chalk marker set to bring this theme to life. If this isn't the most dino-mite welcoming sign in the block, we don't know what is!

This brings us to our first Memorial Day chalkboard decor essential.


Welcome with Charming Chalk Signs

Ditch the doorbell note and come up with a festive welcome sign instead. Here's where a magnetic chalkboard would come in handy, stuck right on your front door!

Write a cheery message like "Welcome to the BBQ!" or "Sunshine, Smiles, and BBQ!" in bright yellow marker.

Or better yet, you could take inspiration from this Welcome chalk sign by Carrie.

Welcome to Summer Memorial Day Chalkboard Sign

Artwork by: @harpierosedesign

Memorial Day practically screams summer. This means you can go all out and explore cool chalkboard summer DIY projects

Carrie's tabletop chalk art would make a perfect centerpiece for summer fun, such as Memorial Day BBQ. Not only does a mobile chalkboard sign add a rustic touch to your Memorial Day celebration, it also sets the tone for a festive atmosphere. That's when you know it's going to be a great party.

Guests will feel right at home as soon as they see the cheerful message greeting them at the door.

Right when you thought it couldn't get any better, 'lure' neighbors into your BBQ bash by placing a wine next to your welcome sign, adorned by decorative glass markers.

Because, wine not?

Welcome to Summer Memorial Day Chalkboard Sign next to a wine



Crafty BBQ Party Menu Ideas

Something about Memorial Day foods feels especially close to the heart, which is why you have to be crafty with the menu.

No BBQ is complete without a menu to impress.

When talking about impressive, showing is better than telling.

Memorial Day BBQ chalkboard menu


Carrie just unlocked the secret to the perfect party menu. We all love options, especially when it comes to treats.

This menu idea is sure to have guests drooling. From juicy burgers with all the fixings to mouthwatering roasted vegies and savory sides, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

And these are just a few of the sweet treats Carrie has up her sleeve. Certainly.


Potluck-style BBQ

Here's one thing to consider when throwing a Memorial Day BBQ weekend: Do it the Potluck way.

Take some of the pressure off yourself as the host and allow your guests to contribute their own favorite dishes. What's a better sight than everyone caring and sharing?

Plus, it's a great way to discover new recipes and flavors that you may not have tried before.

The part where it gets a little tricky is how to send out the craftiest, most welcoming invite. Lucky for you, we've got you covered with some simple and creative tips!

Instead of just sending out a plain text invite, try crafting personalized chalkboard party cards. Use vintage-shaped chalkboard labels or vinyl contact papers to realize this idea. Create a buzz so your guests mount up excitement about the upcoming BBQ weekend.

Make sure to include important details like what time the BBQ starts, what dishes are needed for the potluck, and any other special instructions.

Pro tip: Consider assigning different dishes to your guests on the card, ensuring a wide variety of food!


Keep the Party Buzzing

Now that food is all covered, host a truly epic BBQ bash with some entertainment and be the talk of town. Here are some ideas for all ages:

Creative Corner

Set up a craft table with liquid chalk markers and a nonporous chalkboard. You can use it to create a giant coloring page or tape it to a fence or wall where everyone can take turns doodling and drawing.

Signature Cocktails

Whip up a refreshing signature cocktail for the occasion. Use a chalkboard stand to display the recipe and name, like "The Memorial Day Mayhem" or "The Summer Sunset Sipper."

Commemorative Favors

Send your guests home with a little chalkboard token. Fill small mason jars with homemade BBQ rub or a summery candy mix. You can even personalize them with chalkboard stickers and write each guest's name on them with a chalk marker.

Final Tip

If you have an old chalkboard lying around, give it a new lease on life! Paint it a bright summer color and hang it up as a message board. Guests can write well wishes or share funny moments from the party!