Mother's Day Artsy Surprise for

Mother's Day Artsy Surprise for "Chalkboard Moms"

Remember the 2012 "chalkboard mom" who made headlines for her unusual but very interesting baby names?

A decade has passed since chalkboard mom McKinli Hatch went viral and she's still being talked about. The reason behind the buzz was when she announced on her blog, "Mommy's Little Sunshine" her second child's name spelled very... unusually.

Laikynn, the baby name (and daughter) in question, will be turning 12 years old in a few months, and here's a little throwback uploaded in 2023 by chalkboard mom herself.

"Chalkboard Mom" McKinli Hatch

Source: Buzzfeed

Many people took inspiration from the viral photo and some took it quite faithfully. A lot of moms commented about them naming their daughter "Saighlaur" (pronounced as Mary), for instance. Or Mcieckaealeighphla (sounds like Lauren).

Even someone's son is named Lycanthropisy (pronounced Tom) because of her creative influence!

Now, this may seem like the perfect time to take note of how this simple announcement made her just... "ahead of her time," as they say.

In the age of extravagance, luxe, and glamor of today's way of celebration, how can this humble gesture stand out? 

Perhaps, the chalkboard idea isn't bland at all. In celebrating Mother's Day, this viral baby name announcement of McKinli reminds us about the nostalgia creativity brings. A charming chalkboard can offer a refreshingly personal touch, particularly when associated with a core memory to live forever. They even make great Mother's Day chalkboard gifts anyone can make!

So, let's take this chalkboard surprise idea into the context of celebrating the amazing mums. Create something they can wake up to with these Mother's Day chalkboard ideas!


Mother's Day Chalkboard Quotes

Mother's Day Chalkboard Art
Artwork by: @domesticoddess


Do you ever find it amazing how moms know everything? Your lost socks, misplaced keys, as though they have a sixth sense. Perhaps, there's a treasure chest of tricks that every mom keeps close at hand.

This chalkboard quote created by Katie Hunt explains it, too, and this speaks volumes of what mothers truly are. It's easy to recreate this charming chalkboard concept for Mother's Day using liquid chalk markers that are stain-free! Add your favorite quote or craft one yourself, and work that lettering skills to bring a tear to Mom's eye—just a tiny one, though, we don't want to flood the room!


Mother's Day Chalkboard Art

A Mother's Day chalk art or sign is a versatile option that is something for everyone, requiring just a few basic tools to furnish and bring to life. It's an easy yet thoughtful and personal way to surprise the special women who are mums on this special day.

Write on a smooth chalkboard surface with smudge-free markers that can easily be wiped off clean, just in case you need quick changes. VersaChalk is meticulously not a fan of stains and "ghosting," thus these products are made to complement each other's elements. 

Happy Mother's Day Chalkboard Art

 Artwork by: @hcmlettering

A mobile chalkboard and classic white liquid chalk marker are all you need to recreate this Happy Mother's Day chalkboard sign.

Now, if you prefer to elevate the design with a couple more colors, there are various incredible shades in the palette to draw or write.

Happy Mother's Day Chalkboard Art
Artwork by: @penditude


You can use vibrant colors like neon, metallic, or vivid sets to make the colors pop and create personalized designs. Think of peonies, daisies, tulips, roses, or sunflowers.

Happy Mother's Day Chalkboard Art
Artwork by: @chalkartist


Whatever chalkboard ideas and designs you come up with, make sure to make them relatable to Mom. Choose the right words, select meaningful imagery, and strike a perfect balance between style and sentiment.


Mother's Day Chalkboard Memory Lane

The perfect Mother's Day surprise does not exis... or does it?

Some things in life just never go out of style, like a mother's love, and a craft project that takes you back down to memory lane.

To pull this off, you'll need a magnetic chalkboard to post photos, mementos (like a ticket stub from a memorable family outing), and even inside jokes that are sure to bring a smile to your mom's face.

We'll do you one better... a message board for everyone to write on and participate, where even chalkboard moms can write, too!

 Mother's Day Chalkboard Ideas

Have your liquid chalk markers ready for everyone to leave a message on Mother's Day. If you're having a little house party, your visitors can pass along some sweet messages as well.


Mother's Day Chalkboard Cupcakes


Mother's Day Chalkboard Cupcakes

Source: IcedJems

For the cherry on top, bring out the Mother's Day cupcakes! If you're running short of time making fondant or frosting toppers, chalkboard labels are convenient alternatives. You can easily write and decorate custom chalkboard labels without chasing a deadline.

Pro tip: Choose a BPA-free vinyl chalkboard sticker that is microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer safe, like VersaChalk!

You've probably heard this often, but it's truly your imagination and creativity that sets the limit. Just remember the 3S:

Simple, sweet, and sure to make your mom feel extra special!