Easy Handmade Mother’s Day Chalkboard Gifts Even Kids Can Make

Easy Handmade Mother’s Day Chalkboard Gifts Even Kids Can Make

Celebrating this special day dedicated to the most amazing women in our lives can be extra special with a handmade craft created with love. After all, nothing can beat the warmth and joy that personalized DIY Mother’s Day gifts bring.

And don't worry, when I say handmade, that doesn’t mean creating the gifts has to be difficult. Instead, each gift will be an easy peasy and cost-effective work of art that will surely melt the heart of every mom out there. In this feature, I will be thrilled to walk you through the world of DIY Mother’s Day gifts created using chalkboard products such as liquid chalk markers and chalkboard vinyl sheets. So let’s get those crafty hands and creative minds working, and start planning and creating the most special chalkboard gift surprises for the queen of our hearts!

Extra Special Mom’s Day Morning Surprise

mothers day chalkboard gifts

With just a simple gesture full of love, a single Mother's Day moment can become a lifelong memory for each and every mother in the world. So why not create a fancy breakfast fit for a queen? Here are some DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can use to make that special breakfast surprise into a work of art.

Fancy Breakfast in Bed

mothers day chalkboard gifts

Have an old tray lying around the kitchen? Grab it and turn it into a chalkboard art tray! Simply stick some chalkboard vinyl sheets on the surface, and your DIY chalkboard tray is ready to roll. Then, make that Mother’s Day breakfast extra special with a sweet message written on your handmade chalkboard tray.

You can use different colors of liquid chalk markers to make your message look funky and fun. To learn more about how to create your own chalkboard art tray, check out this post.

Love in a Mug

mothers day chalkboard gifts

This is one of the best DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can create, and it's super easy! You can simply prepare a freshly brewed cup of coffee, then grab those liquid chalk markers and write a loving message on the mug. Imagine surprising your mom with the sweet aroma of Arabica coffee beans with a twist: a personalized, handcrafted mug! Wouldn't that just be the best morning wake-up call ever?

Any exhausted mom who spends all day taking care of chores would definitely feel refreshed as she reads sweet nothings like “You are the best mom” or a simple “Thank you” note while sipping steaming coffee from her special handcrafted mug created by her precious one.

Stationery Plate

mothers day chalkboard gifts

Didn’t have the time to purchase that fancy gift for Mother’s Day? Or perhaps you're just afraid you lack that artsy side to create a handmade craft? Worry no more! You can simply create an amazing plate of pancakes and get your message across on this special day for moms. Grab those colorful liquid chalk markers and scribble away!

You can place a heartfelt message on the side of the plate or even all around it. So even if your pancakes are not as good as hers, your sweet, loving message can make up for it. She will swear it is the most delicious breakfast she has ever had!

Wrap and Post with Love!

mothers day chalkboard gifts

Another great idea to make your DIY Mother’s Day gifts extra special is to use chalkboard paper, adhesive chalkboard contact paper or vinyl sheets. They are versatile and easy to use. Here are some of my favorite crafts I created that made my mom swoon over their uniqueness and the thoughtfulness they expressed. Try them all, they will never fail!

10 Things I love About Mom Box Surprise

Remember when you used to create art projects at school where you put messages in a fishbowl? This is a new twist on that great old idea. However, instead of using a fishbowl, we will use a small box made of chalkboard vinyl sheets.

You can create your own box or just grab a used box and cover it with adhesive chalkboard contact paper. Then, cut small pieces of paper to put it in the box later. Once your chalkboard box is done, grab your liquid chalk markers and go to work writing on it. You can put a title on the box such as “Things I Love About Mom." Then write all the things that you love about your mom one by one on the small pieces of paper you cut and put them all inside the box.

mothers day chalkboard gifts

Who wouldn't love to read those sweet words of appreciation every single day? Your mom will definitely be teary-eyed each day when she opens a new piece of paper that reminds her of how you value all her hard work in taking good care of the family.

Sweet Written Nothings

Chalkboard papers are now the thing for gift wrapping! You can simply wrap your gift with chalkboard paper, grab your colorful liquid chalk markers, and write everything you feel about mom. Get all your message across without any space restrictions. But don’t forget to add a finishing touch! Add a ribbon or stick on a flower. All moms love those posh finishing touches on everything.


Do you really want to nail it this Mother’s Day? If you do, then a Momderwall is the best for you! It’s a wall of everything. The entire family can write cheesy messages on it, post mom’s favorite photos and add anything else that comes to mind that will give her the ultimate happiness on her special day.

To create this wall of greatness, you will need chalkboard contact paper or vinyl sheets. Just stick your handmade chalkboards, large and small, on the wall. It is completely up to you to choose the space you want to use for your tribute to Mom. And you don’t need to worry about the sheets tearing, because chalkboard sheets are incredibly durable. If you’re not a guru in the art of hanging wallpaper, I highly recommend using chalkboard contact paper. It holds strong but you can easily remove and reposition it.

After the sticky work is done, you can start posting on your Momderwall. Gather the entire family (except for Mom, of course!), grab your liquid chalk markers and write all the awesome things you can think of about your mom! You can write “thank you” messages or post funny family photos of that special trip she really enjoyed. You can also post pictures of the best dishes she has made and let her know how great of a cook she is. Oh, my mom really loves it when I write about how I totally devour her food!

So go ahead, round up the entire family and work as a team to create the best wallpapering job ever!

With all of these DIY gift ideas, you don’t have to break the bank to make this Mother’s Day an extra special one. All you need is to tap into your artistic side and find the perfect words to express how you feel about Mom. Let her know that she is the most amazing and loving woman in the world.

What’s your DIY Chalkboard Gift Surprise for your mom? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!