Neon Yellow Single Marker


VersaChalk Bold Tip Neon Yellow Marker uses the finest professional quality ink from Germany. It dries within seconds with little chance of smudging, and can be easily erased with a damp cloth. Since it won't work on chalkboard paint, test first if in doubt! One of the very best features of this marker is that it has a durable reversible tip. Because they are made for professional use, the VersaChalk high-density tip will not disintegrate and fray as other marker tips often do. 

This yellow marker writes on all non-porous surfaces, whether chalkboard, metal, vinyl, glass, plastic, or slate, making it extremely versatile.

The reversible tip allows for writing in both fine and bold. To switch the tip just flip it over. These yellow markers are also completely non-toxic, dust-free, and odor-free, making it perfect for children to use! This yellow marker fits the bill for both indoor and outdoor work and fun.