Happy International Women's Day chalkboard sign

These Women's Day Chalkboard Signs Will Brighten Up Your Day

With International Women's Day just around the corner, it's impossible not to notice empowering messages that make all women feel like queens, such as this chalk signage outside a cafe in San Clemente, California.

'Women Rule' Chalkboard Sign

artwork by: @reachalana

Something about this photo looks like the street chalkboard signage has been on the same spot and never left. But that's the thing about bold statements – they never go out of style.

Also, we're not sure if you noticed, but these liquid chalk markers seem to just casually hold the message together under broad daylight. And isn't it charming how it stands there without 'signs' of smudging? It's like a symbol of resilience against the elements - more like how women are.

Imagine this chalkboard art with a catchy message... but smaller. Something you can set up easily and display anywhere. Or better yet, a chalkboard that features a fade-resistant magnetic surface for chalk marker ink.

We'll show you what we mean.

Mobile Chalkboard Signs

Any woman passing by this table top chalk art will definitely smile from ear to ear, especially with this quote from the incredible fashion icon herself, Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel Quotes Chalkboard Sign

artwork by: @letteringlisa

It's as if Coco herself is giving a nod of approval to this gorgeous font!

Wait, we'll show you more. If this chalkboard art of a saying from female philanthropist and cultural icon, Dolly Parton, won't light up the room, we don't know what will. Let's not forget, Dolly's not just known for her music, but also for her incredible wit and wisdom.

Dolly Parton Quotes Chalkboard Sign artwork by: @letteringlisa

Of course, we commend how Lisa, the artist behind these folding chalkboard signs, beautifully designed and wrote these words using pastel colors. Women, like pastel, can be soft, elegant, and gentle, too.

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Chalk Markers on Glass

Who would've known? Take a look at this beautiful floral chalk art sign, a perfect backdrop for displaying women empowering notes and quotes. This artwork brings a lot of strong feminine energy.


"The future is female" chalk art sign

Displaying this sign next to the food table while at brunch with the girls would be nothing but awesome. It's giving "Who run the world? Girls!"

Happy International Women's Day chalk art sign

artwork by: @essy_creates


Traditional Chalkboard Signs

Even traditional chalkboards know how to steal a show, especially when you have a story to tell. Well, in this case, "history."

Women's Day chalkboard sign


It's almost effortless for women to leave a lasting mark and impression in the world for being resilient, powerful, and unstoppable, like this classic chalkboard. Simple, sleek, and classy. For women who have it all, less is always more. 


And That's a Wrap!

These chalkboard masterpieces dedicated to all women will certainly make them smile when they see it. If there's one common attribute to them, it's how they appreciate little things. Here's to strong, independent and inspiring queens!