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A cup of coffee any time of the day would surely boost your energy. A warm tea would give a relaxing feeling after a stressful day at work while freshly baked goodies are best for hungry tummies. These are the main reasons why a many people spend their free time in a cafe. It is just the most convenient place that you can eat, drink and relax. With a lot of cafés that offer the same good food and freshly brewed drinks, how can you make your place stand out from the others? Of course, chalkboards and chalkboard art are my main prescription.  

Innovate and Stand Out with Chalkboard Art

chalkboard cafe

Create a homey ambiance and a uniquely designed space with the use of chalkboards and liquid chalk markers. They are simple to make and budget-friendly. You can definitely make your café a go-to place with these easy-peasy chalkboard café projects.

One of the best themes that you can do with chalkboards and liquid chalk markers is going vintage! Your customers will undeniably at awe when they see this. It would be as if they were grabbed back in time as they dine in your café.

Scribble, Doodle, Label With Liquid Chalk Markers!

chalkboard cafe

Remember the era when establishments create their signage on their walls? Well, you can do that too with liquid chalk markers. These markers are so versatile that you can use them on all non-porous surfaces.

You can draft your logo, signage and even put your tagline directly to your café’s glass wall. Some would advertise their special of the day and monthly promotions as well.

chalkboard cafe

Grab a 12x 16.50 chalkboard to make a unique chalkboard signage outside your café. Use colorful liquid chalk markers to draft your design or the plain white ones to give a more vintage touch. This will certainly be an eye-catching work of art for passers-by.

chalkboard cafe

With a lot of designs that you can create with chalkboards and liquid chalk markers, surely, you will not run out of ideas. You can redesign your café as much as you want with these handy and affordable DIY chalkboard café projects!


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