Día de Muertos artwork using VersaChalk liquid chalk markers

VersaChalk's New Liquid Chalk Markers [Your Ultimate Guide]

Get to Know Our New Vivid & Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers🎨

If you're looking to add a touch of vibrance and elegance to your artwork, look no further! VersaChalk’s Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers go beyond ordinary writing utensils as they unlock the world of creativity, passion, and expression.

Perfect for a range of surfaces, you can create signs, chalkboard menus, business presentations, window displays, kids' crafts and so much more with our new colors.

Día de Muertos artwork using VersaChalk liquid chalk markers


The Vivid Set will make your artwork stand out while the Pastel Set will give it a subtle sophistication. Whether you're working on home décor or special events projects, these markers make sure that you always look professional and polished.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the vibrant secrets within these pixels and what sets them apart from other colors. We’ll also unravel the brilliant features that make them a must-have for any artist, hobbyist, or anyone with an eye for exquisite design.

First, let’s get to know our brilliant sets.

Vivid Liquid Chalk Marker Set

The Vivid Set boasts an array of eight bright, vibrant hues that will catch anyone's attention. Each liquid chalk pen is filled with a classic, quality pigment that produces bold, vivid lines and affords you a colorful canvas to work with.

VersaChalk vivid and pastel liquid chalk markers


Meet the colors of the Vivid Set:

🔮 Wicked Violet
🌷 Mandy Pink
💋 Cardinal Red
🌻 Sunflower Yellow
🍊 Nectarine Orange
🌴 Tropical Green
🌊 Aqua Blue
🏰 Stone Grey

PASTEL Liquid Chalk Marker Set

The Pastel set is perfect for those who favor sophistication, elegance, and subtlety. It comes with eight light-colored hues, ideal for creating delicate artwork or softer messages.

Meet the colors of the Pastel Set:

🪻Iris violet
🌸 Blush pink
👑Royal orange
🌰Hazelnut brown
☀️Primrose yellow
🌿Patina green
🧊Sky blue
🗻Glacier grey

Here are sample swatch tests of the Vivid and Pastel shades by @simplyletteredstudio.

VersaChalk Vivid liquid chalk markers       VersaChalk pastel liquid chalk markers

Premium Liquid Chalk Markers

Whether you're a professional artist or someone who loves to dabble in creative projects, the VersaChalk Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers are a must-have addition to your art supplies.

Made only with premium materials, one thing that truly sets VersaChalk apart is our commitment to quality. Our markers are made with Japan-sourced nibs and non-toxic, dust-free, & odor-free ink sourced from Germany to ensure long-lasting performance.

Both sets are quick-drying, water resistant, and can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces. They are equipped with unique features like 3mm fine bullet and 5mm bold chisel tips and a specially designed valve that ensures no drips or smears.

You may wonder, what sets these colors apart from our other collections? Well, they all bring our chalks to life no matter which sets you pick up. But our new sets’ features are worth noting.

Here are 8 unique features for a set of 8 Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers:

#1 Aesthetic Appeal

Add drama and bring any creative project to life with the bold, strong, and attention-grabbing colors of the Vivid Set.

VersaChalk vivid and pastel liquid chalk markers


Meanwhile, the Pastel Set evokes sophistication through elegant and subtle tones while getting soft, rich pastel colors with a finish that won't fade over time.

#2 Trendy and Contemporary

Both Vivid and Pastel sets are coveted choices in contemporary design. Create anything from vibrant signs, arts & crafts projects, colorful window displays, mirror art, and more!

VersaChalk vivid and pastel liquid chalk markers


Catering to current trends, they resonate with design-conscious audiences, no matter which age group you belong.

#3 Color Range and Diversity

With our Pastel palette, every chalk art will radiate elegance and subtlety for a refined aesthetic.

The Vivid spectrum offers a striking and eye-catching range of bold hues.

VersaChalk vivid and pastel liquid chalk markers

#4 Reversible Dual Tips

Both liquid chalkboard markers are equipped with fine bullet tips (3mm) and bold chisel tips (5mm).

Their Japan-sourced polyester tips and water-based ink ensure compatibility, guaranteeing a smooth and precise application to any surface.

#5 Nontoxic, Dust-Free, and Odor-Free Formula

Thanks to their eco-friendly brilliance, both markers boast a non-toxic, water-soluble, and safe formula.

They are made up of premium-quality ink sourced from Germany to ensure an environmentally friendly and top-tier creative experience.

#6 Easy Erasability

No worries about how to remove liquid chalk markers with the product’s seamless corrections. The Vivid and Pastel liquid chalk markers are fully erasable with our chalk cleaner or even plain water.

These markers have been developed to provide no smudging or ghosting when used on any type of surface. Bid farewell to time spent scrubbing the surface for hours and say hello to a hassle-free creative experience!

#7 Long-Lasting Ink

The high-capacity ink of both Vivid and Pastel liquid chalk pens supplies long-lasting use and continuous creativity. No more mid-project ink shortages as you usher in an uninterrupted process.

VersaChalk liquid chalk markers

#8 Versatile Surfaces

Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including whiteboards, glass, blackboards, and various non-porous materials, explore your creative possibilities without limitations.

Diverse Applications and Creative Potentials

The reliable performance of the Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers is perfect for a range of creative activities and artistic uses.

🎨 For Home Organizers, Teachers, and Business Owners

VersaChalk liquid chalk markers      VersaChalk liquid chalk markers
                  @bethcanpaint                                            @thegracefulpenstudio

These liquid chalk markers are engineered to withstand daily use in varied settings. Designed for hassle-free application, they are perfect for quick labeling and organization, ideal for home organization, classrooms, and businesses like restaurants and cafes. Effortless to use, these markers bring practicality and vibrancy to your daily tasks.


🎨 For DIY Enthusiasts, Artists, and Calligraphers

 VersaChalk Vivid and Pastel liquid chalk markers     VersaChalk vivid and pastel liquid chalk markers

               @janie.de.guzman                                     @justcreativelee

Our markers are the perfect companions for DIY projects, artistic endeavors, and intricate calligraphy. With these vivid and pastel spectrum of hues, unlock the full potential of your imagination with tools that adapt to your artistic soul.

How to Activate the New Markers:

VersaChalk Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers bring convenience and vibrancy to your projects. With their quick application process, you can unlock a load of possibilities without hassle.

All markers are separately shrinked-wrapped. You can peel it by twisting the cap off. Once your markers are unwrapped, follow these simple steps:

  1. Shake the marker vigorously for 30 seconds to ensure the ink is evenly mixed.
  1. Press down on the nib to allow the ink to flow.
  1. Swatch or use over porous or non-porous surfaces.

For best results, make sure to hold the pen at an angle so that it touches the paper at its very tip.

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions:

To ensure your VersaChalk markers continue to perform at their best, it is important to maintain them properly.

  1. Wipe off any excess ink on the nib with a dry cloth before storage.
  1. Store in an upright position to avoid leakage.
  1. Clean the tips regularly with a damp tissue or cotton swab for optimum use and performance.

With these easy tips, you can make sure your VersaChalk markers stay vibrant and last longer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I get brighter colors out of my VersaChalk markers?

A: For bright colors, start by pressing down firmly on the nib at its very tip. You can also mix colors together to get unique shades and tones depending on your preference. Applying multiple layers can achieve a better result as well.

Q: How to remove liquid chalk marker from the chalkboard?

A: To remove the liquid chalk marker from the board, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it off in a circular motion. If it’s still not coming off, try using warm water to help loosen the ink. Make sure to dry the board completely before writing with your markers again.

Q: How to remove liquid chalk marker from fabric?

A: To remove liquid chalk markers from fabric, you can rub a bar of mild soap directly onto the stain, then use a damp cloth to wipe it away. Repeat if necessary and wash as normal afterward.

Alternatively, you can use our liquid chalk marker eraser kit. Do not put the stained fabric in the dryer until all traces of ink are gone.

Q: What's the best way to store VersaChalk markers?

A: While these sets come with sealed caps for less spillage, store your VersaChalk markers in an upright position to avoid leakage. Wipe off any excess ink on the nib with a dry cloth before storage for optimal performance.

Q: How long do VersaChalk markers last?

A: VersaChalk markers are designed for longevity and can be used indefinitely if properly cared for. To ensure your marker lasts as long as possible, always store it horizontally when not in use and keep it away from direct contact with harsh solvents or chemicals. With proper care, your VersaChalk marker should provide you with years of reliable use.

It’s a Wrap!

By incorporating our Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers into your supplies, you’ll discover an endless array of potentials. The smooth flow allows you to express your unique style with ease, from fine details to bold strokes; each marker provides a precisely controlled line that won’t smudge or fade over time. 

No matter what kind of design you're creating, our markers will bring amazing results. We’re sure that after trying our Vivid and Pastel sets, you’ll fall in love with them just as much as we do!

Now that you’ve gotten this far, we’re inviting you to create something beautiful today! Share your work on social media with the hashtag “VersaChalk” to join a community of creatives just like you. Let's inspire each other and bring chalk to life!