New Vivid and Pastel Sets of VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers Available Now

OUT NOW: VersaChalk Launches New Liquid Chalk Markers

Introducing, The Vivid & Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers

The day we've all been eagerly awaiting is finally here! ✨

Welcome to the much-anticipated launch of Versachalk's Vivid and Pastel Liquid Chalk Markers. The excitement has been building, and now, the moment has arrived to immerse ourselves in vivid brilliance and pastel elegance. As we unveil a new chapter in the artistry of our chalk, let’s recall what has happened in the past weeks.

We have recently brought forth a new era of colors as we unveiled our premium, long-lasting liquid chalk markers – shade by shade. With each swatch reveal, we have witnessed the beauty and innovation that our high-quality markers hold within them.

In order to truly showcase the versatility of our liquid chalk pens, we featured amazing creations of incredibly talented partner artists to try our new sets before they hit the shelves. As always, these remarkable individuals brought our chalk markers to life and created stunning works of art that left us in awe.

Of course, we wouldn’t miss appreciating you, our dearest VersaChalk friends, for getting this far. So without further ado, let’s draw inspiration from each other as we have built on this momentous occasion and go straight into the fun side!

The Fun Side of Our New Markers

Our liquid chalkboard markers come in various shades and aesthetic appeal, all of which are designed to make your creations stand out from the crowd.

The Vivid Set is an embodiment of eight vibrant hues, perfect for every bold artist. The Pastel Set brings chalk to life with its eight elegant shades, designed for the creative, sophisticated soul.

Any surface is a canvas with these high-quality, eco-friendly & non-toxic markers. Featuring a 5mm bold chisel and 3mm fine bullet tips, we made each stroke a tool to help you design, decorate, and write heartfelt messages.

To make the most out of your Vivid and Pastel sets, dive into our informative guide to explore its many artistic uses. If you want to find out what makes these markers a must-have, we've got you covered!

Behind the Scenes

You were with us from the very start of our scavenger swatch hunt, so we’d like to reward you with some sneak peeks of magic behind the curtains.

Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to bring you this moment. Here’s a glimpse of the creative chaos, the excitement, and the meticulous preparation that went into crafting the perfect launch.

VersaChalk liquid chalk marker behind-the-scene red
VersaChalk liquid chalk markers behind-the-scene
VersaChalk vivid liquid chalk markers swatches
VersaChalk liquid chalk markers behind-the-scene
VersaChalk liquid chalk markers behind-the-scene violet
VersaChalk pastel chalk markers swatches


We’re delighted to share the firsthand feedback of creatives who have tried our new sets of markers just a bit earlier. Their stories serve as beacons of inspiration for us, shedding light on how we can better transform our craft.

These stories illuminate the versatility, vibrancy, and sheer joy our markers bring to each canvas and project. Check out what they're saying!

"I love how vibrant the colors are and how smooth they glide as you write! I especially love smudging the colors to create a nice texture that can give a piece that extra ooompph!  And extra little bonus is being able to switch from a chisel tip to bullet.  Can't wait to create more with them."

Jennifer Jesse | @designsbyjhenn

"The fine tip allows for great precision and control; it is perfect for detailed work or outlines. After priming, the ink flows smoothly and evenly. But what sets these markers apart are the range of colors, many of which I have never seen before in a chalk marker. From the muted Hazelnut Brown in the pastel set to the bright Tangerine Orange in the vivid set, these colors will make your chalk art pop!"

Sonja Lee | @justcreativelee

"Love love love that these colors show up by themselves without using white as a base. The colors are super vibrant, the dry time is perfect , it allows me to blend or mix them to do gradients between colors without drying to fast."

Linda Atrisco | @linda.atrisco.creates

“I am amazed with the range of colors of the NEW Versachalk markers! Love how opaque they are plus I've never seen nude tones such as Hazelnut Brown, Stone Grey & Glacier Grey on a marker--- amazing!"

Patricia Mowatt | @thistlescribbles

We love to celebrate the voices of those who have witnessed the magic. May their testimonials be your guide into the extraordinary world of artistic expression that awaits with our Vivid and Pastel marker sets.

Launch Day Festivities

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Join the Buzz

This launch is not just about us; it's about giving you the best possible experience with our new sets of liquid chalk markers.

Since we’re close to celebrating the festive season, we invite you to share your excitement using #FestiveInPastels and #VIVIDholidays and join the community celebration.

We’d love to see your colorful creations, hear your thoughts, and make this launch a collective artistic experience. Together, let's turn this event into a vibrant tapestry of art.

Shop our new Vivid and Pastel sets conveniently through our Amazon store and VersaChalk website. They are also available across our shops, including TikTok and Instagram

See you on the colorful side!