Let's Make Wine Great Again

Let's Make Wine Great Again

We hate to be the one to tell you this but...you have been drinking wine wrong.

Before we tell you WHY you've been drinking wine wrong, answer these few questions for us.

Have you noticed the trend going around social media where you find out that you have been using basic life products wrong this whole time? You've seen them. They usually start with “How old were you when you found out…” Which is just an insulting question because inevitably whoever posts the photo DID NOT know and you did not know and now everyone feels bad about themselves.

Who knew that Chinese food boxes were supposed to open up to become a plate? Why did nobody write that on the box?

Did you know that kool-aid lids flipped around to seal the container?

Of course, you didn’t

Well, today we have a new one for you. You have been drinking wine wrong. Yup. We know. How hard can it be? Open bottle, pour wine, sip and enjoy, right?


Now don't fear. This is not a snobby wine connoisseur story that is actually a long-winded rant informing you that you should not be drinking wine out of a box (no judgment here!). Your wine drinking habits are just fine, but what if we told you it could be more fun?

Introducing VersaChalk Wine Markers!

Introducing our new line of Wine Markers. These specially designed markers are made to look great on your wine glasses against the darkest of red wines up to your lightest whites.
Available in Emerald, Sapphire, Silver, Neon Red, Classic Yellow, Mandy Pink, and Wicked Violet.

Perfect for wedding showers, bachelorette parties, housewarming parties, or just a Friday night with your friends. Allow your guests to create their own colorful creations. Wait, wine and coloring? You had us at Merlot.

Never again will you hear the phrase “Wait, is this my glass?” Color away and then sip back and relax.

Wine Markers also make great gifts. Grab a wine glass, decorate it with a cute design, and then include the markers in the present so your giftee can create their own.

So, go ahead, have a glass. You know what they say, it is not good to keep things bottled up.

Need some inspiration?

Check out the designs below to get started. Wine Markers easily wipe off with a damp cloth so it’s okay if you make some pour decisions 😉