Thankful for Fun, Fall Décor!

Thankful for Fun, Fall Décor!

Our Classic Markers are perfect for fall and Thanksgiving decorative signs. Whether it is a hanging sign on the door or a slate board on the table, a handcrafted sign adds a personal touch. Need some ideas? Find the idea that best fits your personality below!

  • Sign Purist – Does the idea of changing it up every year to keep up with the trends make you instantly tired? The tradition route might be for you. We suggest a simple “Give Thanks” or a “Happy Thanksgiving”. If you are feeling festive you might add a “gobble, gobble”
  • Southern Bird – Is your meal exactly like grandma made? Does the thought of boxed mashed potatoes make you shudder? Can we smell your homemade pies from four houses down? We suggest “Happy Fall Y’all”, “Autumn Skies, Pumpkin Pies”, or “Let our lives be filled with both Thanks and Giving”
  • Funky and Fun – Is your favorite part of the holiday when the family drama breaks out? Do you enjoy cooking with wine and occasionally add some to the food? Add a funky sign to your holiday décor with a “Gobble ‘Til you Wobble”, “It’s Turkey Lurkey Time” or “I Fall For Pumpkins, S’mores, Apples & You”.
  • Kid-Friendly – Are your holidays child filled? Let the kids help you with the décor. Thanksgiving might be the only holiday with a built-in decoration for the people with no actual artists ability. Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking, hand-drawn turkeys. Like literally drawing your hand. Grab a pack of Neon or Metallic VersaChalk Markers and let the kids go to town for a colorful addition to your décor. It’s sure to make you smile every time you walk by!

VersaChalk is not just for decorations!
VersaChalk liquid markers and chalkboards are fun and functional.

Don’t forget about the leftovers!

Use our Round Chalkboard Mason jar Labels or our Vintage Labels to make sure all your leftovers are organized and labeled. (Don’t worry, our labels are refrigerator and microwave safe!).

Personalized Coasters!

Our round and square coasters keep your furniture safe and help everyone remember where they left their drink! Use VersaChalk Liquid Markers to simple write names or add cute drawings.

Keep the Kids Busy!

Use our Chalkboard Contact Paper to turn any surface into a chalkboard. Use our Classic, Metallic, or Neon Markers for hours of fun that wipes away with a damp cloth. Feeling more adventurous? Liquid Chalk Markers can be used on glass for fun window decorations.

Don’t forget the cheese!

Our Slate Serving Platter with Rustic Wood Handles is perfect for appetizers. Our Deluxe Slate Cheeseboard Set includes everything you need for an elegant cheeseboard including knives, signs, and a board. Use Liquid Chalk Markers to label your dishes or include allergy information.