Christmas list of activities

Chalkboard Advent Calendar Ideas for the Family

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the spirit of Christmas than with a family holiday tradition?

As a time-honored tradition, an Advent calendar not only brings the feeling of nostalgia but provides a delightful daily countdown to the most magical time of the year.

Advent calendars are typically made up of 25 small boxes or pockets, usually behind a paper door that can be opened daily to reveal a sweet treat or Christmas activities as part of the counting-down experience.

We're slightly changing the mechanics of the game, adding a pop of pastel and vivid hues to a chalkboard! Featuring our brand-new Pastel and Vivid liquid chalk markers, let's explore how chalk can transform your holiday preparations into a unique canvas of festive cheer.

The Charm of Chalkboard Advent Calendars

There's something inherently charming about chalkboards. Besides being budget-friendly, they give off a rustic appeal and the ability to customize your canvas.

It's a perfect backdrop for an Advent calendar whether you're a traditionalist or love a modern twist! Chalkboards are also the ideal medium to capture the essence of bright and subtle, elegant colors.

Exhibit A: Making a Holiday Eggnog in very easy steps!

Exhibit B: Creating a list of your holiday favorites!

Taking advantage of our new Pastel and Vivid liquid chalk markers allows us to craft a unique Advent calendar this holiday season.

To create a one-of-a-kind Advent calendar that celebrates this special time of year, here are the supplies we will need.

🎁What You Need

  1. Chalkboard of your choice (can be a large chalkboard or individual chalkboard panels for each day). Here are some of the best chalkboard selection.

  2. Liquid chalk markers - pastel set (for soft hues), vivid set (for bold and vibrant colors)

  3. Chalkboard cleaner

  4. Art papers

  5. Stickers/decorations

  6. Tape/Glue

  7. Ruler or measuring tape

  8. Your imagination✨

🎄Creative Chalkboard Advent Calendar Ideas

Before we dive into fun and easy-to-make ideas for a chalkboard Advent calendar, below are a few ideas you can incorporate.

Traditional Countdown

Start with the classic numbered boxes for each day, but this time, infuse it with a serene countdown using Pastel colors. Think gentle snowflakes and softly shaded numbers for a daily dose of calm.

Themed Countdowns

Take your Advent calendar to the next level by infusing themes. Create a Winter Wonderland with icy designs using Pastel markers or turn it into Santa's Workshop with bright and cheerful illustrations using Vivid markers.

Interactive Advent Calendars

Why not make each day a surprise? Design scratch-off activities using Vivid markers or leave personalized messages for your loved ones with the soft touch of Pastel markers.

🎅🏻Advent Calendar Activities

Coming up with 25 Christmas activities can be daunting, but it is also an opportunity to get creative and make memorable moments with the family.

Here's a list of diverse and festive activities to help you fill each day of your Advent Calendar:

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree.

  2. Make hot cocoa.

  3. Write letters to Santa.

  4. Watch a classic holiday movie.

  5. Go ice skating.

  6. Christmas Sweater Day

  7. Do a random act of kindness.

  8. Family Game Night

  9. Drive around and watch Christmas lights.

  10. Read Christmas stories.

  11. Bake Christmas cookies.

  12. Visit a local holiday market.

  13. Listen to Christmas music.

  14. Donate to a food bank.

  15. Take a winter photo walk.

  16. Holiday Pajama Day

  17. Snowball fight.

  18. Pizza Night

  19. Set up a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

  20. Watch "The Grinch."

  21. Shop for stocking stuffers.

  22. Open one gift early.

  23. Hang Christmas stockings.

  24. Have dinner outside.

  25. Celebrate Christmas Day.

❄️DIY Tips for Designing Chalkboard Advent Calendars

Choosing the right chalkboard surface, sketching your design, and incorporating unique elements are all part of the process. Our Pastel and Vivid liquid chalk markers make it easy to bring your vision to life with precision and long-lasting brilliance.

Jolly Wrap-Up

Make this holiday season truly special with a personal, family-friendly tradition, such as the Chalkboard Advent Calendar. Brought to life by our Pastel and Vivid liquid chalk markers, you can create a unique, intricate design that you and your special ones will cherish and remember for years to come.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas season!