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There is nothing more personalized than your own written message. At home, I use my DIY skills even for my loved ones. I use liquid chalk markers to call their attention to something. This morning, I informed my husband that the cookies I baked and now stored in the cookie jar are for my teething baby! The same thing can be done if you are planning to have a chalkboard wedding theme.

Witty Chalkboard Drink Cover and “Don’t Take My Drink” Coasters 

chalkboard wedding favors

Have you experienced a time when you attended a party and left your seat for a few second then only to find that your drink has been taken away? You are unsure if the waiter cleaned it up or some other guest took the glass, too. A neat trick is to have a chalkboard drink cover or coaster with a note written on it. Something that says “Don’t Take My Drink.”

Guests Can Write Their Own Chalkboard Wedding Cover Note

chalkboard wedding favors

If you want your guests to have the option to write their own note, that’d work too! It is a way to give guests the opportunity to write their name so their drinks won’t be taken away or if it needs refilling while you’re out dancing. Leaving a few liquid chalk markers at the center of the table is a neat way to ignite your guests’ imagination!

Plus, the chalkboard wedding coasters and covers make great chalkboard wedding favors.

Special Thank You Messages On Chalkboard Labeled Souvenirs

chalkboard wedding favors

Another chalkboard wedding favor that guests can take home can come in the form of chalkboard labeled souvenirs. I’ve attended parties and events that offer scented candle giveaways, jars filled with jam or boxes filled with goodies. And most of the time these favors’ containers can be reused!

Using liquid chalk markers, you can put a label on the chalkboard wedding favors. A simple “Thank you” or a special note on the jar and the box for the guests will suffice. One wedding I attended had given away scented candles in a jar. It had a “Thank you” note written on it. Immediately when I got home, I cleaned the label and went to work with my liquid chalk markers. Using a blue colored marker to stand for comfort and serenity, I wrote “My Bubble Bath Candle.”

If you’re a DIY enthusiast like me, you would always put in mind that the gift you are giving away will be re-purposed. Which is why using liquid chalk markers for your chalkboard wedding has so many possibilities!

Let your guests remember how special their presence are by using liquid chalk markers on chalkboard wedding favors!



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