DIY & Crafts

  • Sibling's Day Chalkboard Crafts

    National Siblings Day Chalkboard Craft Projects

    Celebrate National Siblings Day with fun DIY chalkboard craft projects! Bond over collaborative art projects like a chalkboard masterpiece, scrapbook, pot painting, or sip & paint glass decorating. Step-by-step guides for sibling activities perfect for all ages. Create cherished keepsakes while enjoying quality time together and feeling like kids again. Rekindle that unique sibling bond through creativity.
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  • Seasoning a Chalkboard: The Complete Guide

    Seasoning a Chalkboard: The Complete Guide

    Seasoning a chalkboard (also known as priming) is necessary prior to use. Without seasoning, any marks you make on the chalkboard will leave “ghosts”—meaning the marks will never erase completely. 
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  • Chalkboard Classroom Hacks

    Chalkboard Classroom Hacks

    Here are some easy back to school classroom hacks for teachers! Make your classroom the most stylish with our chalk markers, chalkboards, chalk labels and many more.  Organize school materials with...
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  • How To Bring Chalk Art to Life

    How To Bring Chalk Art to Life

    Get some amazing tips and tricks to bring your next Chalk Art or Chalkboard project to life!  Sketch out your idea It is always good to draw your idea on,...
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