5 Ways Chalkboard Labels Can Make Your Cafe Or Restaurant Stylish

5 Ways Chalkboard Labels Can Make Your Cafe Or Restaurant Stylish

Thinking of redesigning your café but worrying about your budget? Well, here is the most economical solution for you – chalkboard art and chalkboard labels! It is the chic, stylish and easy way to create a whole new look without causing pain in your pocketbook.

Chalkboards and business promotions are an absolutely a perfect combination to keep your sales skyrocketing and your customers feeling at home in your space.

Here are a few chalkboard art ideas that you can put to use in your café. Try them all and see how they can turn your establishment into a welcoming work of art with just a small amount of effort and even less money!

Coffee and Tea Chalkboard Labels

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Turn those drab coffee and tea tins into chalkboard art. Simply cut small pieces of chalkboard paper and stick them on the tin cans. Then, grab your liquid chalk markers and start crafting your unique labels. Feel free to use fancy lettering and add some artful sketches if you want.

Artsy Jar

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Do you have that big jar of a popular drink at the end of the counter that goes unnoticed? Make it stand out with a touch of class by putting a chalkboard label on it! After you have your chalkboard paper on the jar, get those colorful liquid chalk markers and start designing. You can create labels such as Lemonade, Orange Juice or Ice Cold Water, then sketch artsy designs to your heart's content. The next time your customers come around to your place of business, they will surely notice the difference, and maybe notice for the first time that their favorite beverage is right there waiting for them!

Make it Personal

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There are many chalk art ideas you can use to make your customers feel special. Try these personalized chalkboard labels on the food and drinks you serve in your café or restaurant — they will surely make your business a big hit!

  • Message on a Mug. Turn your mug into a chalkboard art canvas. You can use chalkboard spray paint to cover your mugs or simply get those chalkboard adhesive paper sheets and wrap them around the mugs. After you have covered your mug with a chalkboard surface, use your liquid chalk markers to individually label each mug for every customer who comes in. You can put messages such as "Smile" and “Have a Great Day!” or an inspiring quote. Make the messages  even more personal for your most faithful customers, such as “Welcome Back, Mr. Smith!” or “Enjoy Your Coffee, Ms. Smith!"
  • Sandwich Surprise. Make that sandwich more appealing with chalkboard labels. Simply cut small pieces of chalkboard paper or vinyl sheets and attach them to a toothpick or anything else that allows you to stick the label on top of the sandwich. Grab those liquid chalk markers and jot messages or draw brightly colored designs on the labels. Customers will light up when you serve your sandwiches with messages such as “Enjoy Your Meal,” or just with a fancy label showing the sandwich name, like “BLT,” “Ham & Egg” or “Club Sandwich.” You can even just put a simple smiley face on the label to make your customers’ day brighter.
  • Make My Dish. This one is really simple yet very artistic. All you need to do is grab those liquid chalk markers and start jotting quotes, messages, artful designs and dish labels on each plate of food you serve.

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No one can ever go wrong with chalkboard art. There are plenty of handy ideas to capture customers' interest without having to worry about your budget. So start with your own chalkboard craft now and make your business an even greater success!