5 Top Reasons Why Back To School Is Exciting With DIY Chalkboard Art Projects

5 Top Reasons Why Back To School Is Exciting With DIY Chalkboard Art P

It is back-to-school season and families everywhere are busy preparing their kids for their first few days back in the classroom. While it seems like a chore at times, I try to make back-to-school prep fun by incorporating DIY chalkboard projects into the mix. And that means unleashing the DIY diva in me with my ultimate DIY tool, my handy-dandy liquid chalk markers!

After all, both in and out of school, kids reveal their true selves when they are imaginative and creative. There’s every reason to their creative juices flowing as they anticipate the school bell ringing for the first time this year. Don’t worry about struggling for ideas, because we have tons of chalkboard art ideas for you to do up with the whole family!

1. Did You Know That Notebook Covers Are Cooler With Liquid Chalk Markers?

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

Think back to your own first days of school. Wasn’t it a big deal to have the prettiest book bag or top of the line pens? I know what you’re thinking — school supplies like that are so expensive. Today, there is no need to spend a ton of money to get the latest back to school branded items. With a little imagination and your kids’ help, you can make their first days of school so much fun as they show off their one-of-a-kind school accessories!

Using liquid chalk markers, you can make fancy, back-to-school DIY chalkboard notebook covers. Over the weekend, my family went to the park and I asked my four-year-old daughter what her favorite thing in the whole park was. She said, "Pink cotton candy!" Being a DIY mom, I took out a few sheets of self-adhesive chalkboard contact paper and set to work right away.

I know that notebooks are some of the most used items in her school bag. Imagine how it would brighten her day to see her favorite thing on her notebook! Then think of the money you will save by buying a simple, plain notebook and using chalkboard art to cover it. Plus, with chalkboard contact paper, there is no mess because it’s self-adhesive.

Most importantly, this is a fun activity that will put smiles on the faces of both mom and child! It's already almost time to replenish my supply of liquid chalk markers!

2. How To Color The Kids' Study Room With Chalkboard Art & DIY Spoon Butterflies

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

I know what you’re thinking. You probably want your kids’ study area to be colorful and vibrant but are not sure how to do it. I’ll tell you a secret… The answer lies in recycled spoons and a box of liquid chalk markers.

I want my kids to come home after school to an environment that helps bring out their creative side and their resourcefulness. This DIY project is one easy idea to make that happen. How about making DIY chalkboard spoon butterflies? You simply need the plastic spoons from last month’s picnic (washed, of course!), your handy liquid chalk markers, sheets of self-adhesive chalkboard contact paper, fuzzy sticks and a drawing of the shape of your child’s favorite butterfly. What’s fun is that there are hundreds of different types of butterflies around the world with different shaped wings and colors.

Of course, you don’t need to make just one chalkboard art butterfly. You can make as many as you like! I have put together a complete step-by-step guide to making DIY chalkboard spoon butterflies just for you.

3. Can DIY Chalkboard Art Projects Help With The Clutter?

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

I know you’re already imagining the chaos and the clutter that’s going to happen the moment the kids step through the door after the first day of back-to-school season. Worry not, because DIY chalkboard art projects can help with the clutter.

Looking at my own study, I have amassed tons of pens and liquid chalk markers of all kinds over the years, in various sizes and tip styles. It's easy to organize your own work desk and even the kids’ play and study area with liquid chalk markers and chalkboard labels. My study area is an organizational dream now that I’ve placed all my liquid chalk markers in snazzily labeled recycled glasses and glass jars!

You can organize your children's school supplies with DIY chalkboard art labels and you'll never have to worry about clutter. This is also a great way to organize files, folders and even books! I get the kids to help, too. Knowing the school supplies’ original places because of the labels, they can clean up after themselves. Well, most of the time.

4. You Can Take The Sea With You With DIY Chalkboard Sea Creature Bookmarks

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

The hardest part about sending the kids back to school, I confess, is all the vacations we left behind and how long it will be before the ones we are looking forward to. My family enjoys going to the beach and visiting ocean parks. We are particularly fond of octopuses because of their tentacles and uncanny intelligence.

So why not let the kids bring the sea with them when going back to school? An easy little DIY project that you can do with the kids is to make a DIY chalkboard sea creature bookmark. I made an octopus chalkboard art bookmark the other day for my son and he adores it. He enjoyed it so much that he even told me all the cool, fun facts he learned in school about octopuses.

If you’re interested in making this back to school item, all you need are a few sheets of chalkboard paper, your colorful liquid chalk markers and your favorite sea creature. Oh, and don’t forget to use white liquid chalk markers for the bubbles!

5. Take Instagram-worthy Snapshots With Back To School Chalkboard Printables!

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

I know how frustrating it can be for a mom to try to make things perfect. The truth is, no one is perfect. But there are tools out there that can help make the day perfect! I struggle every day to make sure the kids are clean, fed and ready for the day. And for the past couple of years, I have been cherishing back-to-school moments more and more.

I sniffle and smile from the moment they put on their sneakers on their own, or write their own names on paper and get on the bus to school. I get teary-eyed at these moments, but I’m so bad at capturing them because I’m so busy trying to make sure I don’t burn the toast!

Which is why your kids’ first day of school photos should be outstanding! You can document your kids’ very first back-to-school moments with our FREE First Day of School Photo Printables.

back to school DIY chalkboard projects

These few DIY chalkboard art project ideas are here to help unleash the creative you, the colorful and imaginative mom!

Remember — be fun, creative, resourceful and, at the same time, have fun with the kids by incorporating these back-to-school DIY projects into your school prep routine. Save some time to create some amazing chalkboard art with your friends, too!

Share these liquid chalk marker tips with fellow mom friends and co-workers. They’d be amazed to learn how you saved money and unleashed your creativity!