3 Reasons Why Liquid Chalk Markers Are The Essential Back to School Must-Have for Every DIY-er

3 Reasons Why Liquid Chalk Markers Are The Essential Back to School Mu

It is back-to-school season and that means having liquid chalk markers as part of your kit of essentials. These markers will encourage students and teachers alike to unleash their creative sides in almost everything they do, from daily homework to DIY projects in school.

This special season is also an opportunity to highlight everyone's personal style by using chalkboard art with bookmarks, notebook covers and even to-do-lists:

Liquid Chalk Markers Are a Notebook Cover’s Dream

Gone are the days when notebook covers were plain, solid colors. Let’s face it, students love to doodle. Instead of doodling inside on the notebook’s precious pages, why not use the cover as an art space and display your personality for all to see?

You can use different liquid chalk marker colors and tips. The markers are also a great tool to label your notebooks cleverly and stylishly. I titled my black notebook, “Making History with History” for my kid's History class. You can also use cool and inspiring motivational quotes to give your kids that little spark and push whenever they start to feel those back-to-school blues.

For more great ideas for Chalkboard Notebook Covers, check out our full feature by clicking on this link.

A Chalkboard Art Bookmark For Every Subject

Sometimes there are just too many chapters to read! Bookmarks are back-to school essentials, so why not style them up with liquid chalk markers? Making your own bookmarks can be a great way to remind yourself which chapters need to be read and studied each night, or to mark your favorite passages.

Does this term’s book assignment involve the sea? Here's an idea: Spice up the reading assignment with a DIY project sea creature bookmark. Check out our step-by-step guide to this cool chalkboard art project. 

A Handy To-Do List At Home

If you are tired of that same old boring white note pad on your desk, it may be time to liven things up with chalkboard art. All you need is a chalkboard frame to go with your colorful liquid chalk markers, and your to-do list can actually become a day brightener!

There are so many ways that chalk art can add fun and excitement to every school day. When shopping for back-to-school items, be sure to include liquid chalk markers. You’ll never know when a moment of chalkboard art inspiration might hit you. Try liquid chalk markers on your notebooks, bookmarks and other supplies today!