Create These DIY Chalkboard Sea Creature Bookmarks to Remind You That Summer Is Coming

Create These DIY Chalkboard Sea Creature Bookmarks to Remind You That

Want a DIY project that reminds you of summer and the sea? Using liquid chalk markers, it is entirely possible!

Here is a chalkboard art project that I know you will enjoy. When summertime comes, the sea calls to me every day. I always look forward to the next summer vacation trip. Yet as those warm, lazy days loom closer, for some reason summer still always seems so far away. What gets me excited are the little reminders that I carry with me from my DIY projects.

How to Make DIY Chalkboard Sea Creature Bookmarks with Liquid Chalk Markers

  • All you need is a sheet of chalkboard paper, or any construction paper, scissors and liquid chalk markers. The more colorful the chalk markers, the better.

DIY chalkboard sea creature bookmark

  • Cut the paper into circles, half circles, rectangles or squares, and fold in half so that the paper will naturally spring open a little to create a 3D effect. Which shape you choose depends on the size and shape of the sea creature you want to use as a bookmark.

DIY chalkboard sea creature bookmark

  • Pick your favorite sea creature to draw. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea, watch some videos about see life or simply think of a particular sea creature that you are attracted to when you go to the beach or go diving in the ocean. I like to look at shells, whether I am in the water or on the shore. So I folded a circular piece of chalkboard paper in half to make a clam shell.

DIY chalkboard sea creature bookmark

  • Pick your favorite color (there are no color rules when it comes to drawing sea life—most sea creatures see colors differently than us, anyway!) and draw your sea creature on the sheet. Use different colors and create different effects by playing with different liquid chalk marker tips.
  • Create as many sea creature bookmarks as you like so the whole family is well supplied for their summer reading at the beach!

DIY chalkboard sea creature bookmark

This DIY project is perfect for anybody. These bookmarks can serve as great gifts to friends and family who love to read. Your summer can be all about the sun, the sand and the sea, with your creativity as the star(fish)!

Be quirky and creative while showing your love of nature by adding these cool sea creatures this summer to your DIY chalkboard art must-try list. Have fun creating DIY projects with liquid chalk markers with friends and family, and unleash your creativity!