Shoo Away Those Back-to-School Blues with Chalkboard Dorm Room DIY Projects!

Shoo Away Those Back-to-School Blues with Chalkboard Dorm Room DIY Pro

Keen to liven up your back-to-school season with a DIY project? Using liquid chalk markers as your main tool to create dorm room decor this year can help pump you up for the challenges of a new semester.

If you are tired of looking at those dorm room white walls, half covered with sticky notes, it may be time to hookup some chalkboard art instead. This is one DIY project that can help motivate you to achieve your goals and at the same time encourage you to unleash your creativity.

Overcome Back-to-School Blues With Motivational Dorm Room Chalkboard Art

dorm room chalkboard art

  • All you need is a sheet of chalkboard paper, or even just construction paper, and liquid chalk markers. Choose your colors to match your personality.
  • Search for quotes online that can lift your mood and inspire you to do more. I have a few on hand at all times, like “I will do what Queens do, I will reign.” This is a perfect quote to help me get through the days filled with extra-curricular activities, running between classes and tons of homework.
  • When you are ready to draw, choose your colors to highlight the strongest words of your inspirational saying. Using different liquid chalk marker tips, you can play around with different lettering styles and with designs to decorate the sign. In my case, I used black chalkboard paper that I can stick on the wall. It has a strong adhesive but is easy to remove if I want to reposition it. Plus, the black base ensures that the colors I chose stand out.
  • Lastly, put your motivational sign up on your wall as dorm room decor. Choose an area where you spend most of your time (if you're lucky enough to have a room big enough to have more than one area!), such as above your desk or bed.

Liven’ Up Your Dorm Space with Retro- Themed DIY Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decor

dorm room chalkboard art

If you are an old soul, or just someone who loves retro and vintage stuff like me, this chalkboard DIY project is perfect for your dorm room wall!

You just need your dad's or grandpa’s least favorite or most damaged vinyl record (and don’t forget to ask permission, or you might accidentally end up grabbing a prized possession!) and your liquid chalk markers. Fancy-write your favorite motivational back-to-school quotes, or just a favorite quote from a famous person or a favorite passage from a book, on the vinyl record, and voila! You have a super cool and fancy retro-themed chalkboard wall decal!

To learn more about this project, check out our full feature on DIY Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decor.

You can choose any quotes that motivate you or you can even make your own. When it comes to chalkboard art and DIY projects involving liquid chalk markers, the possibilities are endless. Get motivated and inspired with chalkboard art using liquid chalk markers!