First day of school chalkboard printables

Get a FREE Back to School Chalkboard Printable for those First Day of School Photos

Tired of those judgey school moms and their perfect First Day of School photos on social media?

First day of school printables using liquid chalk markers

The first day of school can often be chaotic, even when you think you have it together. And somehow, we always forget something! A carefully planned back-to-school morning ends up with burnt toast, someone missing a sneaker, and you spending 20 minutes pulling your kids' favorite stuffed animal out of your dog’s mouth. Suddenly, you realize you forgot to do the one thing that really mattered that morning, preparing for that Back to School photo that every mom will post that day.

And so there you are. You end up posting a picture of your kids holding a piece of copy paper you quickly grabbed from your printer as the bus pulled up, with a scribbled “First Day of School” message and the date on it, written using that almost-dried-out pink highlighter (because of course that was all you could find). Not to mention your shaking hands as you scream for them to look at you for 2 seconds so you can snap a photo before the bus pulls away without them. You had been SO determined to get that perfect first day of school picture for social media and prove that you are the mom that never forgets to do everything just right. Well, we applaud your efforts, because we know the morning felt more like a CrossFit class than a routine school morning.

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So don’t worry, we know what it’s really like. We are here to help and prepare you ahead of time so you can actually enjoy the morning with your little ones and create more of a memory than any of those snooty moms would ever understand. Document this special moment with our FREE First Day of School Photo Printables!

A kid's back to school chalkboard printableChalkboard Artwork

Check It Out in 3 Easy Steps! 

These printables are high-quality graphics, created by VersaChalk artists and most importantly, Judgement Free!

  1. Download our FREE First Day of School Printables
  2. Print out on any 8.5x11 inch paper or print on our chalkboard vinyl sheets
  3. Fill it out! Brighten it up using our Neon or Classic liquid chalk markers

Decorate your kids' new back-to-school chalkboard (or let them do it themselves!). 

Back to school photoReady for back to school printable



It's as simple as download, print and write! 

    Boy holding back to school chalkboard printablesback to school chalkboard printables from Versachalk

     These First Day of School Printables are available in two colors:

    • White for black and white printers
    • Full Color for color printers. 

    Download both versions here

    Full Color Chalkboard PrintableBlack & White Chalkboard Printable

    Back to School Printables in plain and colored format


    How do I print these chalkboard printables? 

    • These can be printed using any at-home printer! (Note: you can use photo paper, but writing with black ink might smudge the copy.) We prefer using thick copy paper or vinyl sheets

    Do I have to print it on thick paper? 

    • Nope, just a suggestion! You can absolutely print this on ordinary paper. Just wait an extra 3-5 minutes for the ink to dry. 
    • If you want to print on thicker paper, we recommend choosing 250-300 gsm paper. GSM refers to the thickness and can be found on the paper's packaging. 

    How do I get the chalkboard background? 

    • The chalkboard background is part of the design that will be printed on the paper. There's no need to buy a chalkboard! 

    Where can I find the black-and-white printable? I only see the color one!

    • The PDF file has two pages. The B&W chalkboard printable is on page two. 

    First day of School Chalkboard Printables

    So get ready to be the most envied Mom at school and have everybody talking about your awesome First Day of School sign that looks like it took you all week to make! Oh, and of course they'll be talking about your adorable kids, too!!

    If you experience issues with the file, contact us at and we'll be happy to help out!