These Cool Chalkboard DIY Projects Will Complete Your Summer Fun!

These Cool Chalkboard DIY Projects Will Complete Your Summer Fun!

Do you already feel the heat of the summer? If so, that is awesome! If not, that is perfectly alright and understandable. Most of us need certain reminders because we are stuck indoors during the day. Remember, you are not alone! How I wish I could bask in the sun with my friends and family today, all day long. Well, all the more reason for me to look forward to that much-awaited summer vacation! Which is why this summer break, DIY chalkboard projects, especially chalkboard quotes, are a must-do to make even your stuck-inside days brighter and more fun!

Use Liquid Chalk Markers to Make Fun Summer DIY Projects

summer diy projects

Ask yourself, what does summer remind you of? For me, summer reminds me of adventures under the sun! Summer also reminds me of the waves and the sand. It is a time when a lot of folks cannot wait for the weekend or for that upcoming vacation. However, that fabulous summer vacation may still be a few days or even weeks away for most people. And that is okay. You can still get hyped up and prepared for your summer travels using chalkboard quotes!

How to Get the Feeling of Summer Break Every Day With Chalkboard Quotes

summer diy projects

The key is motivation and inspiration, plus a lot of colors! There are so many ways to feel the summer vacation vibe using liquid chalk markers. Here are just a couple of ideas...

  1. Use chalkboard quotes to brighten up your day. In my case, I like to make sure that the places I frequent always remind me of summer. This is a chance for the DIY diva in me to shine! Feel the summer and celebrate the season by hanging chalkboard summer quote signs. You can choose quotes that are motivational and fun. Remember, summer can be celebrated indoors, too!

summer diy projects

For your summer break chalkboard quotes, you can use a hanging chalkboard, chalkboard paper or a chalkboard wooden frame. I often use yellow, blue and green liquid chalk markers to remind me of the sun, sea and palm trees. But you can use any color from your liquid chalk markers set. Make it pop!

Or do you prefer to go for a vintage black-and-white look for this DIY activity? Sure thing! If you’d rather use white liquid chalk markers, go for it! The white ink really looks great with the black chalkboard sheets.

A great chalkboard quote would be “Go Have an Adventure!” Here’s a neat tip, by the way: Feel free to search all you want for statements online, but don't forget your own brain's creativity! You can always create and write your own personal chalkboard quotes.

  1. Don't forget that chalkboard quotes are not only limited to boards and frames. You can have summer break reminders on all sorts of items around the home or office. You can design a lunch box, notebook or even chalkboard coffee cups. Don’t you think having a cup of coffee with a smiling sun or a sunny quote on it is a refreshing idea? It is definitely the best thing to see in the morning to get you motivated for that upcoming summer break!

Turn on that DIY imagination and look forward to your summer break by creating these awesome chalkboard DIY projects with liquid chalk markers today!