Cherish Your Summer Break Memories With a DIY Chalkboard Photo Board

Cherish Your Summer Break Memories With a DIY Chalkboard Photo Board

Summer break has just begun, but it's never too early to start thinking about how to make your summer memories last. Chalkboards and liquid chalk markers are just the coolest way to make your summer thrills last a lifetime! Have all your treasured summer break photos stylishly on display with these chalkboard photo board DIY projects. All you need are liquid chalk markers and chalkboard paper to create these awesome crafts. They are simple and easy-on-the-budget projects for you and your family and friends to cherish.

Clip-on Chalkboard Photo Board

chalkboard photo board

This is a very fun and useful craft that does not require a lot of time, money or effort. To create this photo board, you simply need a bunch of clips (such as plastic clothespins) and strings—and of course a chalkboard paper sheet and liquid chalk markers to complete the artsy effect.

To get started, grab a wooden framed chalkboard for that rustic effect. Hang it, then start attaching the strings to it, stretched loosely across like miniature clotheslines. Next, start clipping those lovely summer break photos onto the strings.

Now for the fun part: Have those liquid chalk markers ready for you, your family and your friends to use. Write directly on the photos or on chalkboard paper sheets inserted between them. Describe what was happening and put funny things people said. If you want to get a little crazy, draw on the faces, do whatever you want to make it look more personal and memorable.

Isn’t that the easiest DIY chalkboard photo board ever? Like a walk in the park!

Boho-Chic Chalkboard Photo Board

chalkboard photo board

I can’t get enough of these boho-inspired designs, they are just my favorite! I bet a lot of young fashion gurus would agree with me on this. But mixing it with chalkboards? A bohemian-themed style combined with the rustic, vintage effect of chalkboards, that would definitely be a fab piece of artwork!

Start with a piece of wood. It could be scrap wood or even a dried tree branch. The size you need depends on how many photos you’re going to hang. Or you can just grab a lot of branches to handle all those cute summer break photos so you don't have to choose between them!

You can place the tree branch wherever you like in your home. You can design your craft so that multiple branches fit together as an actual tree, or position each one separately on the wall, hanging lazily like it's a hot summer day.

After deciding where to place your tree branch, cut some colorful lengths of yarn and start tying them on the branch. Then just grab your knockout summer break photos and attach them to the strings.

chalkboard photo board

Now's the time to take it to the next level with chalkboard paper cutouts and liquid chalk markers. Write about your summer break photos and attach your mini chalkboards to the branch as well. You can put notes like “Conquering the Great Outdoors...?” next to a photo showing you and friends slipping off a rock into a river. It will be silly and fun at the same time.

And to complete the “boho” effect, add a string of little light bulbs hanging on your tree branch.

It is truly fun and awesomely artistic to play around with these chalkboard DIY designs. And those liquid chalk markers, they definitely give that unique personal touch to every project. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own DIY chalkboard photo board today and see how enjoyable it is to work on this easy and budget-friendly chalkboard DIY project!