Make Your Summer Super Fun! How to Create a DIY Chalkboard Summer Bucket List

Make Your Summer Super Fun! How to Create a DIY Chalkboard Summer Buck

Tired of that same old, disorganized notepad list of "to-dos" cluttering up the table? Sometimes inspiration to work hard and play hard can come from the little things all around you. Which is why liquid chalk markers and chalkboards can be a handy inspirational tool!

For me, summer means a lot of things to do. We have summer vacation destinations to choose, road trips to map out, and fun activities to dive into right in the neighborhood! And that means I have a lot to plan before we even get to the "doing" part! How are we going to keep track of what food we need to bring on each trip, the items we need to pack, or just the phone number of the resort? We also want to be able to keep track of the big picture—the special summer goals we want to achieve before getting back to the daily grind.

And if you have written all those things down on pieces of paper, good look finding them when you need them! Now that’s a bummer. Which is why the DIY diva in me looks for a multi-functional solution to the problem. How do I keep us inspired with our eyes on the prize, and at the same time make sure we get things done?

It’s simple! Creating a chalkboard summer bucket list is the latest best thing in family organization and motivation.

DIY Chalkboard Summer Bucket List

DIY chalkboard bucket list

  • First, you need to gather the necessary materials. What works best for me is to see a hanging chalkboard on the wall when I wake up. Being greeted by my summer bucket list gets me going early in the morning. It gives me that extra boost of energy knowing that I’ve got summer plans waiting to be fulfilled. The other essential tools are chalkboard markers. You can opt for a classic look with white markers, or use a variety of colors to make the list lively and easy to read.
  • This great DIY craft is both decorative and functional in any room of the house! Make sure your Bucket List includes a blend of fun activities and goals for the summer. One of my goals this summer is to buy that adorable bikini I saw at the corner shop and then go cliff diving. To make sure I remember everything I need to do, I drew a polka-dotted bikini beside the note using pink and white liquid chalk markers. I feel the ocean breeze every time I look at it!
  • Make the chalkboard stand out by drawing a decorative border around your list. Having trouble drawing the design? Ask yourself what summer means to you. For me, summer means sunshine! I am also inspired by flowers. So I drew tiny little sunflowers around my list. The chalkboard may be a practical reminder for my family and me, but it looks like chalk art from a distance!
  • If you choose to use colored liquid chalk markers on your summer bucket list, you can create a color-coding system. For example, the red items are things that I need to do immediately, while other colors are to things be done at a later date.
  • If you’re not into making lists, creating a chalkboard calendar can work, too! I actually have a summer calendar on my desk. Get creative with your "bucket calendar" by drawing a picture on each square. For this coming Saturday, I marked my calendar with a surfboard, because I’m going to the beach this weekend with the whole gang!

Just having a bucket list that I can get creative with is an inspirational wonder. Ditch the usual old notepad on your desk or plain white paper sheet taped to your fridge. Create your summer bucket list using liquid chalk markers today!