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Make a "Just Because" Chalkboard Art DIY Project, Just Because!

Why do I love liquid chalk markers and DIY projects? My answer for you is - just because!

Did you know that August 27 is National Just Because Day? It is a day when you can feel free to celebrate this day any way you want. You can buy that jacket you always wanted, just because! Or you can dip your chocolate sundae in milk chocolate, just because! In my case, I want to spend the whole morning making chalkboard art.

How about celebrating Just Because Day using chalk markers by making shout outs and lists with me?

Have An Amazing Day With Just Because Day Shout Outs

just because day

You can also make individual chalkboard art with the items on your list. When someone asks why you are so chirpy this morning, you can lift up your Just Because Day chalkboard card that reads “I’m singing, just because! Happy Just Because Day!”

Don’t forget to draw on the side, as well. Imagine the kids, family and friends having fun!

How To Make The Perfect Just Because List

I have a few pieces of frameless chalkboard on hand and I was thinking of making a list for Just Because Day. All you need are bold tip liquid chalk markers, a frameless chalkboard and your surprises for the day!

Using bold tip chalk markers, make a title for your Just Because list. In my case, I wrote, “How to Celebrate Just Because Day.” Below your title, you can write as many items as you want. I’m making a list for the kids today and here are a few things I am allowing them to do:

  1.  Have an extra slice of chocolate cake
  2. Draw on the fridge that is covered in chalkboard paper using liquid chalk markers
  3. Take a nap with their favorite superhero costumes on.

Make Just Because Day special and do the things you want to do, with liquid chalk markers. Start the week with chalkboard art and DIY projects, and have an amazing day - just because!