The 10 Coolest Chalkboard Invitations for Your Wedding

The 10 Coolest Chalkboard Invitations for Your Wedding

A chalkboard wedding invitation is fun, versatile and engaging. It's no wonder that they are currently trending on all social media platforms and wedding publications! Chalkboard invitations, save-the-date cards, and Thank You notes are a beautiful and versatile way to create the perfect vintage wedding vibe before the first guest arrives.


1. Norma Dorothy offers this beautiful berry and floral-themed chalkboard invitation through her Etsy store. 


These invitations come complete with RSVP card, but brides need to be aware that they are of course custom, hand-made items crafted with textured cards, twine and have a craft paper envelope and take some time to create. Norma Dorothy is based in the United Kingdom but does ship to the United States.


2. Violet Pickles offers this gorgeous bespoke floral chalkboard invitation with a photo of the happy couple.

This gate-fold design also comes with an optional RSVP card. Again, made in the United Kingdom with international shipping available, these large, colorful invitations have plenty of room for all the necessary information.


3. MrsKDesigns on Instagram offers this very clean version of the chalkboard invitation.

If you are looking for a simple yet vintage feel for your wedding stationery, this style is for you. Sweet, simple and to the point, with no additional colors to make it seem busy. 


4.This incredible "glamvite" as it is called, is a beautiful and stylistic way to present a vintage chalkboard invitation. Featuring intricate cut-outs in the envelopes and a garden theme, these lovely, ladylike invitations are just the thing for a romantic garden wedding in the spring or summer.

5. Forever Fiancés offers these great recycled paper (we love that!) chalkboard invitations called "Happy Board".


Shipping in just 8 days from San Diego, this is a very cool option for those who are in a hurry or just like things are done quickly. This invitation is crafted from blackboard paper and white chalk with blank envelopes included. There is even a rush option, which makes this lovely, simple invitation such a great option. 


6. Looking for the classic wedding invitation with some vintage flair? These chalkboard invitations are available on

A perfect combination of tradition and trend, these invitations feature a lovely floral motif and a border accent. They'll please you, and your mother-in-law-to-be, too. What could be cooler than that? can also make all the required paper goods such as coasters, table number cards, RSVP cards, and Thank you notes. 

7. Wow, we really love these - whoever Amy and Zachary are, we think they are the coolest.


The bear chalkboard invitation is an epiphany and the mountain view on the interior is perfection. Just the chalkboard invitations alone let their guests know they are going to have a good time. 

8. Awe, we love winter weddings! And what better way to let your guests know your happy news and invite them to celebrate than chalkboard invitations featuring Christmas lights, ornaments, and evergreens?

Tranquillina, an Etsy store offers these cheery invitations, RSVP cards and Thank You notes by custom order. The twit on this store is that it is a digital download, allowing you to print as many as you'd like and let you assemble them yourself, saving serious coin. 


9. Wow! These are THE COOLEST. Well, almost the coolest - chalkboard invitations in bright, festive colors, letting guests know that they are in for a delicious food and a great time.

This Fiesta invitation designed by Katiediddesigns on Etsy is available as both a digital download as well as printed invitations, giving the bride and groom a number of options from which to choose. Options are always a good thing! 

10. Here we are! The absolute COOLEST EVER Chalkboard Invitation. We scoured the web looking for the most unique use of chalkboard and we think we have it! Created by Carlson Craft and sold by The Office Gal, these invites are printed on three graduated size circles. A wreath motif reinforces the circular aesthetic, making them the most unique invitations we've seen. They are attached at the top with a white ribbon and lifting each circle reveals more information about the wedding. Definitely a fun and fresh take on the chalkboard invitation. Super cool! 

And there you have it - The 10 Coolest Chalkboard Invitations for your wedding. Happy shopping! And hey, send us an invite, we love weddings!