These Super Stylish and Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Signs Are the Best Things in a Chalkboard Wedding

These Super Stylish and Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Signs Are the Best

Almost every wedding that I attend features signs and artistic announcements. From the church entrance to the dining area, there are signs everywhere! This makes my DIY senses tingle. However, the wedding signs that I have seen are mostly fashioned from cardboard cutouts or other artificial and plastic elements. These signs can be quite time-consuming and expensive to make, which is why using liquid chalk markers is a great idea instead. Plus, if you make a mistake with chalk markers, it’s easy to fix!

To the Chalkboard Wedding!

chalkboard wedding signages

At one wedding I attended, it was a bit hard to find the venue. There were too many events going on in that particular area. It was a good thing that a chalkboard wedding sign was there! The couple’s names were written on it plus a line that read, “Welcome to our Happily Ever After!” It was written with a lovely script and adorned with some shabby chic floral patterns to give it an adorable feel.

Chalkboard Wedding Signage for the Mr. and the Mrs.

chalkboard wedding signages

The highlight of the event is seeing the newlywed couple together. To emphasize that moment, making a sign for the Mr. and the Mrs. is an awesome way to highlight their status — and their seats!

All you need are a couple of chalkboards and liquid chalk markers in any color that you desire. Pick a particularly elegant script or font and write on the boards, one with the word "Mr." the other with the word "Mrs." As a plus, the happy couple can take home the signs as festive decorations for their home!

Mark Your Gift Area with Liquid Chalk Markers 

chalkboard wedding signages

Some guests will focus on trying to find their seats, while others are keen to take in the array of gifts. This is another opportunity to create chalkboard wedding signage, especially for the gift table. The sign will also be helpful if there are instructions for guests to follow — for example, the pink gifts are for the ladies and blue ones are for the men.

Chalkboard Wedding Guestbook Signage Allows Guests to Share Their Well Wishes

chalkboard wedding signages

The same thing can be done for the guestbook! Guests often neglect it. The guestbook is an item that the couple can take home and read. It not only contains loving messages from friends and family but also serves as a lifelong reminder of the magic of the wedding day. A chalkboard wedding sign for the guestbook area is certainly a must-have.

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be stressful, but preparing the venue does not have to be. Using liquid chalk markers is a stress-free way to design a wedding. You just need a few liquid chalk markers and a romantic imagination.

Want to have a stress-free wedding? Try these super easy ideas to make elegant chalkboard wedding signs and posters!