Graduation Chalkboard Ideas with Wine Glass Markers

Grad Party Chalkboard Signs and Props You Can Make in Seconds

Chalkboard art signs and craft ideas are taking graduation parties by storm. From "Congratulations!" welcome signs to party decors, displays, invitations, and photo backdrops, custom chalkboard creations spark the coolest party ideas online, even on TikTok!

It's 2024, and everybody knows chalkboard arts and crafts are not just limited to classrooms anymore - they have made their way into home decor, weddings, and now graduations. The versatility of chalkboards allows for endless possibilities when it comes to design that will fit party themes like a glove.

For instance, there seems nothing more nostalgic than this chalkboard theme graduation party from 2014.


Source: An Oregon Cottage

If you recreate this today, there are more things you can do that would have been a trend if they existed a decade ago.

The 21st century chalks are now dust and smudge-free. While the classic whites won't seem to go out of business any sooner, you'll be surprised by how much options you'll get today to host the most vibrant chalkboard graduation party theme.

At VersaChalk, where tradition meets modernity, you'll find a wide array of innovative chalkboard products - from vibrant liquid chalk markers that pop on glass and various surfaces, to easy-to-clean markers that make setup and cleanup a breeze.

What's even better about graduation chalkboard ideas is that they are incredibly simple, quick, and easy to make. With a little bit of creativity, anyone can come up with something in seconds.

While this is true, it'd still be nice to take inspiration from the pros. Below are some graduation craft ideas you can practice and recreate - done in no time flat!


ConGRADtulations Chalkboard Wine Glass

Who would disagree that no celebration is complete without drinks?

For some, wine is a must-have ingredient for any parties. Regardless of your choice of beverage, there are ways to add some zest into your grad after party using wine glass markers.

A Sip & Paint graduation dinner party sounds like a pretty great theme right about now.

 Artwork by: staceyscribbling

We have Stacey to thank for this "sparkling" thought.

Stacey is a hand lettering and calligraphy artist, and an art educator from Delaware. She also happens to be a guru in bottle painting.

The glass chalk marker she used in this photo is specially designed to look good against dark or white beverages. You can write short messages, doodles, or a simple "Class of (add a year)" to complete the look.


But wait, are these buddies able to hold up on the surface? We thought you'd never ask. As a matter of fact - yes. But they are also easy to remove or erase using a damp cloth. This chalk pen marker won't make a smudge unless forcefully rubbed.

They are also safe to use on glassware - nontoxic and dust-free.


Inspirational Chalkboard Mottos

Old school habit die hard, and chalkboard mottos will remain classic graduation signage ideas that will set the tone of your celebration.

Instead of the usual chalk and chalkboard duo, let's draw inspiration from Jessica's chalk art on glass design.

Artwork by: @jessicachapmanart

Jessica is a creative artist from Orange County, CA, "writing poetry with paintbrushes." A glance at her artworks profoundly explains what this phrase means.

Take a leaf from this inspo when hosting graduation party activities to share with your 'gradmates'. You'll need a piece of glass writing panel and liquid chalk markers to decorate and write favorite quotes or motivational sayings - can be an after party decor or something to pass around and take home.



Personalized Chalkboard Welcome Sign

You can never miss a welcome sign board on your party as this will be the first thing guests will see. You can create one for the table top, sidewalk, or a traditional chalkboard such as this masterpiece by Alli.

Alli masters various artistic mediums including watercolor, alcohol ink, and digital art. She's also an expert in brush and hand lettering. While her medium can be a little complex for those without much experience in lettering or calligraphy, she made it look less complex by using a less complicated tool like a chalking pen.

Artwork by: blessyourheartlettering

Chalk pen markers offer more convenience and speed in creating artworks, as they function much like ordinary pens. This chalkboard art idea is a steal not only for welcome signs but also for decoration signages in the venue.



If you put your mind into it, using a traditional chalkboard opens opportunities for interactive party ideas. People like to talk, mingle, and have fun. You can create chalkboard stations where visitors can play a little game or leave messages and doodles.

You can also use it as a backdrop for photos and highlights of your school journey, and have some friends add notes using fine tips markers and chalkboard labels.


DIY Photo Booth Chalkboard Props and Banners

Photo booths have been around since the 1930s. They were a hit back then, and they're even becoming more of a "thing" now. With the addition of chalkboard props, photo booths offer a fun and personalized way for guests to capture memories.

Think of chalkboard speech bubbles with space to write messages or doodles, adding a unique touch to each photo. These props bring out the playful and creative side of guests.


Source: Pixie Party Boutique


The DIY approach means you'll need easily customizable chalkboards, such as vinyl contact paper. This material is particularly user-friendly, easy to draw and cut into any shape or size, with adhesive backing for quick application to any surfaces or canvas.

They are practical, reusable, and hassle-free. Just what you needed.

Parties become even more delightful and memorable when they mark a significant milestone, shared with the right company. If you've been contemplating hosting your own soon, there's nothing quite as festive as an event crafted with your own hands.

You may encounter a few bumps along the way, and it can take a value of your time, but rest assured the end result will be well worth the effort.