Transform Your Dorm Room with DIY Chalkboard- Inspired Scrapbook Dorm Room Decor

Transform Your Dorm Room with DIY Chalkboard- Inspired Scrapbook Dorm

With the new semester underway, you might find yourself in a new dorm room or just wanting to spruce up that same old dorm room you've been in since last term. Well, this back-to-school chalkboard art project will definitely amp up even the blandest dorm living space, and inspire you with fun memories to keep you gunning for those A’s!

With a few simple strokes of your liquid chalk markers and some clever stacking of chalkboard art sheets, you’ll be able to create unique and totally artsy DIY projects for your dorm room. Your living space will be envy of the entire campus!

Ever heard of scrapbooking without a book? Well, now you have! We will use your entire dorm room as your book and turn it into a chalkboard-inspired scrapbook gallery. This will be a very easy and budget-friendly back-to-school chalkboard art project, one that will preserve your best times in college. And surely, your campus friends will be in awe when they see your creation!

DIY Chalkboard-Inspired Scrapbook Dorm Room Decor

What you will need:

How To Create:

  • To get started with your dorm room chalkboard art, grab a Frameless Acrylic Chalkboard or chalkboard vinyl sheets and stick on all the mementos you chose. You can include any cute things that made you giggle, like that first secret admirer note you received during your freshmen year.

  • You can also stick on that bottle cap you found in your jeans the day after your first college house party. And of course, include all those wacky and crazy photos of you with your friends.
  • After you’re done assembling your memorabilia, get your liquid chalk markers and start writing tags on each and every one of your chalkboard vinyl sheets. Tell the story behind each item you chose, letting everyone know why they are so special and memorable to you.

  • And as the final touch on what will surely be one of your most awesome chalkboard art DIY projects yet, top each page off with your scrapbooking embellishments. Stick buttons and rhinestones on it if you want. Or fill the edges with wood pieces to serve as a frame. No one can stop you from having fun, so design it however you want it!
  • After all the designing is done, you can hang the pages of your well-crafted chalkboard art scrapbook all around your dorm room. Fill every wall with your work of art. Feel free to get crazy and use the ceiling, too!

Working with chalkboards, liquid chalk markers, and chalkboard vinyl sheets, you can create an endless variety DIY projects. And each and every one you craft will turn out unique and amazingly artistic.

So, get started with your own chalkboard art project and see how it can transform an ordinary dorm space into an inspiring, memory-filled home!