3 Reasons Why the Frameless Acrylic Chalkboard Is a Must-Have for Your Home and Business

3 Reasons Why the Frameless Acrylic Chalkboard Is a Must-Have for Your

Whether you are promoting your business or announcing a family event, the visuals are everything! Visuals include every aspect of signs, displays and overall décor—graphics, designs and even text. For every event from grand openings to daily deals, liquid chalk markers and a frameless acrylic chalkboard are always the perfect tools to have on hand.

Create professional chalkboard signs for your office, store or workspace

frameless acrylic chalkboard

With an 11x16.5 Frameless Acrylic Chalkboard mounted on your wall, you can stylishly display announcements, inspirational messages or advertisements. This chalkboard is the perfect size for doors and prominent wall spaces. Plus, it is easy to install since it comes with high-quality, double-sided mounting tape. The rounded corners give it that smooth, sleek, contemporary look. The board is ideal for liquid chalk markers, which glide effortlessly over its durable surface.

frameless acrylic chalkboard

The more compact 8x12 frameless chalkboard is perfect for announcing the specials of the day at your café, restaurant or bar. It also provides an awesome space to promote your social media pages or detail a "today only" in-store special. Hang it from the ceiling or fashion a stand for it so you can write on both sides—a huge space saver!

The hanging frameless acrylic chalkboard gives your home a timeless vibe

 Frameless Acrylic Chalkboard

There are dozens of uses for frameless acrylic chalkboards around the house, and they give your home a cool, classic, rustic look to boot. Thinking about making a chalkboard art calendar or to-do list for your kitchen? Or maybe creating cute garden signs for your vegetable patch? The 8x12 hanging frameless acrylic chalkboard is perfect for both, and for so much more!

Using liquid chalk markers and an 8"x12" chalkboard, you can adorn the doors throughout your home with creative nameplates to make every space personal. Or you can use an 11"x16.5" hanging frameless acrylic chalkboard as a base for your DIY chalk art and proudly display it in your living room or entertainment area.

Frameless acrylic chalkboards are great for events and parties

Hanging and mounted chalkboards aren't just great for everyday business and home uses, either. They are fabulous for parties and special events. The boards work best with chalk markers because the dust-free, non-smearing ink holds fast in the wind, so you can display your messages both indoors and outdoors.

A chalkboard art sign is perfect to direct guests to where the party is, and the most charming way to display your menu for the event. Plus, using colorful chalk markers, you can create a decorative poster to set just the right mood for the party. What better way to announce that its someones birthday or anniversary than with high-quality acrylic chalkboards?

And when you’re done for the day, you can wipe the frameless acrylic chalkboard slate clean with a damp cloth or sponge, or use a cleaning kit for the best long-term results. Enhance both your business and your home life by creating cool chalk art and signs on a VersaChalk acrylic chalkboard today!