How To Create a Rustic and Dramatic Mood with a DIY Chalkboard Fall Candle Holder Home Decor

How To Create a Rustic and Dramatic Mood with a DIY Chalkboard Fall Ca

Next to the holidays, fall has always been my favorite season. (Winter, not so much.) And as one of my Fall DIY projects this year, I decided to combine two of my favorite things: chalk art and candles. So let’s add something new to our list of fun and exciting projects for autumn, with our liquid chalk markers and this super easy and cool DIY Fall Candle Holder!

This is one of the simplest chalk marker projects I have done for my DIY home décor series, but it's also beautiful! So the not-so-skilled, not-so-artsy or just-too-busy out there don't have to worry. There is no need to know fancy lettering for this chalkboard DIY project, and there are no messes or any of the other hassles people are afraid of with handcrafted décors. Chalk marker projects can be clean and quick and always end up unique and amazingly artistic, every time.

DIY Chalkboard Fall Candle Holder Home Decor

What you will need to create your DIY Chalkboard Fall Candle Holder Home Decor:

chalk marker

For the fun part of one of the cutest DIY home décor chalk marker projects you'll ever do, simply grab your drinking glasses and chalk markers, then start making some crazy, unique and classic fall designs!

You can draft autumn-inspired images such as leaves, flowers, tree branches, pumpkins or acorns. Any one of these designs will turn your empty glass or jar into an amazing DIY fall candle holder.

chalk marker

Or if you’re really feeling enthusiastic, draw a combination of everything and create an autumn wreath design around your candle holder. It will surely be one of the most artistic fall DIY projects ever! Not to mention that it will be an ultra-chic DIY home décor without you ever having to break either a sweat or the bank!

chalk marker

Now, for your chalkboard DIY project finale, grab your candles and place them in your autumn-inspired candle holders. Light them up and enjoy!

You can use this DIY home décor anywhere in your home. Put them on top of the dining room table to add a romantic ambiance or on corner tables to create a dramatic effect throughout your home. Or set them on your window sills to share a little warmth and beauty with people rushing home on a chilly autumn night.

Fall DIY projects are fun and easy to make. They add character to any space and help you get into the season's mood creatively. And when you create your crafts with liquid chalk markers, they will never take a toll on your time and budget.