Beautiful and Chic DIY Dorm Room Decors Using Chalkboard Art

Beautiful and Chic DIY Dorm Room Decors Using Chalkboard Art

Running out of dorm room makeover ideas? Have you considered a chalkboard dorm room? Well, worry no more! With chalkboard art, you can create dozens of DIY dorm room decors that will surely brighten your room and turn it into an amazing, personalized art space!

I have been decorating a lot of different spaces in my home with chalkboard art for many years now. One of my favorite DIY chalkboard art projects, though, is decorating my sister’s dorm room. I regularly do interior designing in her room and I apply different chalkboard art dorm room ideas every time. She was just in awe when I first turned her room into a vintage chalkboard dorm room gallery. She is always surprised by how easy and simple it is to create these DIY dorm room decors. Not to mention that they are so cheap!

Are you excited now? I’m sure you are! So, here are some of the DIY dorm room decors that I created using just a few clipboards and a bunch of liquid chalk markers. These easy peasy chalkboard art dorm room ideas will definitely turn your “not so cool” space into a perfectly unique chalkboard dorm room art gallery.

Now, before you begin your DIY dorm room décor project, you’ll be needing a bunch of clipboards, old or new. Next, get those easy-to-use Self Adhesive Chalkboard Contact Paper sheets ready. Wrap all your clipboards with this amazing chalkboard paper. Note that this paper is self-adhesive, so there’s no need for you to be stressed about the mess of using glue or tape.

Once you have the clipboards you need all wrapped up, be ready with your colorful liquid chalk markers. These liquid chalk markers are perfect for creating beautiful art work, as they come in many amazing colors and styles. You can choose between classic liquid chalk markersneon liquid chalk markers and bold and fine white liquid chalk markers.

Chalkboard Artsy Room Tag

I call this a chalkboard art room tag because it serves as the “name tag” of your chalkboard dorm room. Everyone will take notice when you hang this artsy craft on your dorm room door with your roommate's and your names on it, accompanied by a touch of chalkboard art. With a simple stroke of your liquid chalk markers, you can create a well-designed dorm room name plate on your chalkboard-inspired clipboard. Have your names written in comic book or chic bohemian lettering, then add some artful designs such as flowers, hearts or attractive abstract images.

Chalkboard Art Hanging Planner

chalkboard dorm room

You’ll never miss a task or any meetups with this elegant, eye-catching clipboard planner. Create this vintage-style work of art with your liquid chalk markers and your homemade chalkboard clipboard. Jot down class schedules, tasks, and appointments on your uniquely fashioned reminder board. Then hang it on your wall or simply place it on your study table. Not only will you have a fully functional life planner—it might even be the coolest décor in your chalkboard dorm room!

chalkboard dorm room


There are hundreds of DIY ideas that you can create with chalkboards. And all of them are easy to make and easy on your budget. So start now! Make your own artful crafts with chalkboards and liquid chalk markers, and share them with us!