Plan Your Next Getaway With This DIY Chalkboard Travel Destination Map

Plan Your Next Getaway With This DIY Chalkboard Travel Destination Map

Have you already booked that trip abroad? It is an exciting thing to be on an adventure and visit an unknown environment, country and culture. Using liquid chalk markers to create and color your travel map for your next destination can be a wonderful way to prepare and build your excitement!

Color It Visited With Liquid Chalk Markers

chalkboard map

A lot of travelers purchase a world map and pin it on the wall. They use tacks and pins to indicate the places they have been to or will soon be going. That is one way of doing things. Another way is to think of the world map as a coloring pad.

So let's create a chalkboard map on a chalkboard instead. Indicate your “Where to next?” target destination with one liquid chalk marker and select other colors for the countries you have visited in the past. Scientists tell us that it only takes four colors to fill in an entire map without having two countries next to each other the same color, but you can use as many colors as you like!

Chalkboard Map, Where a Whole Wide World Awaits

chalkboard map

This colorful map gives the impression of a vast world waiting to be discovered! All that blank space is just waiting for you to visit and experience. All that blank space also means you need to fill it up with liquid chalk markers! For the traveler with chronic wanderlust, this is a neat idea to organize your multiple travel destinations.

Coloring isn’t the only thing you can do on the chalkboard map, though. You can also use liquid chalk markers to draw the things that are memorable for you. Visiting Hawaii, for example, and getting the chance to surf with the friendly people there can be a great memory. Using a blue liquid chalk marker, you can draw squiggly waves with a surfboard on the side.

When the time comes that you’ve filled the whole world wide chalkboard map with liquid chalk markers, it will be a great feeling to see a full travel board. The sense of accomplishment each time a new country is filled in will bring you satisfaction for a lifetime.

Organize your hopes, dreams and travel preparations, and start your adventure! Build that chalkboard map now with liquid chalk markers!