4 Cool DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks To Personalize Your Kitchen

4 Cool DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks To Personalize Your Kitchen

Like many foodies and passionate home cooks, I view my kitchen as my happy place. It is my own special place where I can bring out my creativity and make delicious dishes and treats that fill the tummies of my loved ones and make them happy. Being a self-proclaimed DIY mom and diva, I love organizing and decorating my happy place. And guess what I found out? Reinventing your kitchen can be as easy as 1-2-3 with DIY kitchen chalkboard decor! These decorative touches are cheap, easy to make and will definitely turn your kitchen into a family-friendly and trendy art gallery.

Why Turn to Chalkboards for Kitchen Decor?

DIY chalkboard kitchen decor


Chalkboards are part of every household nowadays. They can make any spot in your home seem like a work of art. Not to mention that they make our busy lives easier! With a simple stroke using liquid chalk markers, we can take note of the things we need to do without having to look for a piece of paper in every drawer. And you can enjoy this convenience by simply hanging a kitchen chalkboard. Now that’s an innovative and instant chalkboard kitchen decor.

Life can be easy with these chalkboard ideas — they sure made mine better! One of my favorite DIY chalkboard ideas is creating kitchen chalkboard designs. This is perfect for families who have busy lifestyles but still want to have a homey feel in the kitchen.

Let me guide you through turning your kitchen into a more beautiful AND more practical space using these DIY kitchen chalkboard design ideas that you and your family can enjoy.

Must-Try Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks

Condiment Labels

DIY chalkboard kitchen decor


This kitchen chalkboard design is just so cute! Instead of having conventional-looking condiment jars, you can turn your jars into works of art. Simply spray the whole jar with chalkboard spray paint, let it dry, and you’re done! Then use your colorful liquid chalk markers and label them one by one. Or if you prefer white liquid chalk markers for a more traditional look, you may use those, too!

If you’re not comfortable using chalkboard spray paint, you can also use chalkboard contact paper. Cut it into either a small label or a large piece that you can wrap around the entire condiment jar. Once you've cut it to your desired size and shape, simply apply chalkboard contact paper to the jar. Then start crafting your labels with liquid chalk markers.


Chalkboard Grocery List

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


Have you been forgetting must-buy items on shopping days even when you make a list? Well, why not take note of the things missing from the fridge on the very day they run out? There’s no need to scribble the item on a slip of paper that you will eventually lose. Simply craft a homemade blackboard to create a hanging chalkboard grocery list. You can nail it to your kitchen wall or stick it on your fridge.

This one is easy to make. Grab some chalkboard vinyl sheets, stick a sheet of your desired size onto a sheet of cardboard or a piece of wood, attach a string to two of its ends for hanging, and voila! You've got your own DIY kitchen chalkboard grocery list. Keep a liquid chalk marker tied to it, then start writing down the stuff you need on your trip to the market.

With your newly handcrafted chalkboard grocery list, you will never forget to buy that milk again—no more screaming kids in the morning because there's no milk for their cereal!

Breakfast Chalkboard Tray

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


One of the best mornings I have had was when I was greeted with a breakfast in bed that included a lovely message on a chalkboard tray. You can make this special day brightener, too! Say your sweet nothings on a tray. Simply cover the top of the tray with chalkboard contact paper or vinyl sheets, then, grab those colorful liquid chalk markers and scribble away. Every morning will start with a smile if you make it memorable with a personalized breakfast tray.


Personalized Plate and Mug

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Hacks


Do you want to give someone a happy birthday greeting? Or just want to get your daily loving message across in an artful way? Then start with your own chalkboard personalized plate and mug. Make a slice of cake extra special by jotting loving words on the side of the plate using liquid chalk markers. And for the mug, wrap it with chalkboard contact paper or use a chalkboard spray to cover its exterior. Then you can start sketching artsy designs and sweet nothings all over it. Better still, if it is a glazed ceramic mug, you can skip the contact paper  and just write directly on the mug! Now, that’s an easy-peasy way to show how much you care.

With the endless DIY chalkboard ideas they inspire, you can never go wrong using chalk markers. They are easy to make and light on the budget, and each project is an artful one, indeed!

Start creating your own chalkboard craft today and see how it can brighten each and everyone’s day!