Top 5 Easy DIY Halloween Party Decors Using Chalk Markers

Your Halloween Party can be a surefire hit with chalk markers! Want to know how? It is easy to do and the clean up afterward is easy, too! With chalk markers, a few sheets of contact paper, and a spooky imagination, your chalkboard Halloween party can be the most memorable party on the block!

Awesome DIY Party Drinks and Concoctions Sign Board

DIY halloween party decor

Wouldn’t you love to arouse your guests' curiosity about the spooky concoctions and brews you have prepared for your Halloween Party? I love a little bit of mystery even more than the next ghoul, but it is always the safest bet to showcase your Halloween Party Concoctions on a signboard for the those who are a little skittish about drinking the unknown.

DIY halloween party decor

Your first customer at your restaurant or guest at your home will be dying to figure out what's in that green liquid in a bottle or bubbling purple drink in a glass. But they also want reassurance that everything is perfectly safe. At the bar, you can set up an A-frame chalkboard or a small rustic chalkboard. You can detail the drinks you want to highlight for the night. Bonus points if you also highlight the ingredients to put everyone at ease! Like, what makes Queen “Bloody” Mary’s drink bloody? Wouldn’t everyone like to know?

DIY Halloween Party Goodie Bags for That Memorable Night

DIY halloween party decor

Any party with a goodie bag is my kind of party! Make sure your guests take home Halloween Party night memories that will last long after the event. You can do that by adding your own signature touch to your goodie bag. Is your chalkboard Halloween party all about zombies and skeletons? Using adhesive chalkboard contact paper, you can cut out specially made colored skulls or brains as stickers and use them to seal your goodie bags!

Spooky Treats With DIY Chalkboard Menu to Scare Their Tummies

DIY halloween party decor

Not knowing what you’re eating is always a fright! Ease your guests' worries about the spooky special dinner with a chalkboard menu. Mystery is fun, but health-conscious guests still want to know what is in your Mystery Meat main course! You can use a rustic chalkboard, neon chalk markers or any color chalk markers you like. For your chalkboard Halloween party, the rustic framed porcelain steel chalkboard is a great bet for both indoor and outdoor use.

Creepy Yogurt Ghost Shots Staring Back At You

DIY halloween party decor

One thing that makes my spine tingle is my food staring straight back at me! Which is why ghost glasses with yogurt smoothie ghost shots are a must have at your Halloween Party. It’s so easy to do. All you need are your shot glasses and a black chalk marker. The white of the yogurt is a perfect background for the black eyes and mouths of fearsome ghosts! A skull theme works great, too.

DIY Chalk Skull Bulbs Light Up the Night

DIY halloween party decor

Speaking of skulls, you can also add an unexpected spook to the venue by doing a little DIY magic on your lightbulbs. Use chalk markers to draw skulls or ghoulish faces on the bulbs. And the best thing? When the lights come up, it gives the whole room a spooky feel because of the “hanging” skulls floating everywhere!

And the even better best thing? The next day when the party's over, it is so easy to wipe off the marker ink with a damp cloth. What do you mean there were ghosts here?? I have no idea what you're talking about!

Your Halloween party doesn't have to cost you a lot of money or take too long to create. Best of all, all your chalk marker creations will be easy to wipe off, which means less mess and hassle! Make your Halloween party this year a memorable one with these chalk marker Halloween Party decors!