Top 8 Chalkboard Fonts For Professional Lettering (Even If You're an Amateur)

Top 8 Chalkboard Fonts For Professional Lettering (Even If You're an A

When it comes to giving your chalkboard art a polished, professional look, mastering chalkboard fonts and lettering styles is one of the biggest challenges.

Perhaps you are thinking that our featured chalk artists have spent years practicing the chalkboard lettering shown in their featured works. You are definitely right, but that doesn’t mean that amateur and DIY chalkboard artists can’t learn the craft. It takes time and patience for sure, but there are many popular chalk art lettering styles that can be learned by anyone willing to do a little practice.

If cursive styles and calligraphies have never been your thing, trying them for the first time can be super intimidating. It can help to begin with simple letterforms that have clearcut rules to keep you on track. And don't forget that chalk markers are erasable, so no one ever has to see your early mistakes!

If you are having trouble finding the right font for your event or business, we can start you off with some simple lettering styles that also just happen to be some of the most widely popular ones. Here are our Top 8 Chalkboard Lettering Samples for you to try:


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DIY enthusiasts like myself like to be creative and fun in our chalk art, but there is something about the classic elegance of Anabella that is really captivating. Using this chalkboard lettering style with white liquid chalk markers on a slate chalkboard is perfect for elegant table labels, antique store signs and wall art. Imagine how perfect this font would be for a rustic-themed wedding where decorations have a touch of sophistication but also evoke the feeling of the countryside.

Return To Sender

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If you are looking for chalkboard art that stands out with a bold edge, this chalk art font is perfect for you. It is also a great "starter" font for those new to chalkboard lettering, since the letters are clean and simple. Chalk artists often use fonts like this one for banner titles, headlines and announcements. The condensed spacing and all-caps lettering give every word strong emphasis. We suggest using this font on a rustic framed porcelain steel chalkboard or A-Frame chalkboard to display your business establishment’s specials and promotions.

Ballerina Script 

Like its namesake, this font is graceful and delicate, but also has a strong and athletic air. With its curves and swirls at the beginnings and ends of words, this lettering style gives chalkboard signs a light, fanciful aura that can be great for classy dinners or heirloom labels. It's the perfect chalk art font for a dinner party with the girls or any fun and elegant event.

Sinister Sam

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Sometimes, a font can convey the theme of an event all on its own. The aptly named, eerie letter style Sinister Sam has that effect. This chalkboard art font might sound a bit malevolent, but it can be your best friend if you're looking to add some spookiness to your chalk art. Chalk artists use it when they want to create a ghostly or mysterious atmosphere. With its bends and curves but sharp breaks between letters, this lettering style falls somewhere between printing and cursive, and it gives artwork an aura of suspense or horror. Needless to say, it's perfect for Halloween parties, horror movie announcements or spooky invitations to a murder mystery dinner or escape room challenge.

Villa Didot 

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No, the name is not derived from "village idiot." Didot fonts are named for the legendary Didot family of France, developers of many typefaces still in use today. Villa Didot lettering style is bold and classic but also suggests a cross between downtown New York and Brooklyn hip. The block letters have single-line serifs, with the middle of the letter lightly shaded with horizontal lines. It's a perfect font for a shop full of amazing dresses and outfits because it gives off the vibe of a luxury lifestyle while still playing it cool. It would also fit in nicely in a seaside tourist town with lots of old-fashioned etched and painted wooden signs.

Rechtman chalk font

This chalkboard art font is another "in-between" lettering style with elements of both cursive and printing. It reminds me of movie happily-ever-afters with a heart-shaped fade out. It also suggests classic retail storefront signs. It gives each letter strong but subtle emphasis that works very well for calligraphy chalk art and eye-catching displays. Rechtman lettering is also great for elegant parties and events, making it sort of a do-it-all style. I recommend it for writing seat assignments using vintage labels for elegant events.

Rob Graves

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If this font reminds you of a haunted house, then you definitely have the idea. The style is intended to suggest a shaky hand or spooky, ghostly vibrations. The rough, abrupt letter endings add to the feeling of urgency, reminding me of graveyards, bones and perhaps a vampire lurking behind the door. In short, it's great for announcing a Halloween mask performance or a dark and mysterious play—but maybe not for the kids' playroom!


With a look that recalls classic women's magazine covers, this chalkboard lettering type can be perfect for headers, wedding designs, menu listings and even company logos. Because of its clean, simple lines, chalk artists often use this font to give their art a sharp, striking look.

Remember, if you are just starting out in calligraphy or chalkboard lettering, don’t be too discouraged if you can't get it right the first time. The beauty of each chalk art creation often comes from its imperfections. Sometimes, the whole is perfect even when the pieces are not!

Why not try your hand at adding these chalkboard lettering styles to your designs today? You'll quickly see how this form of DIY decor can quickly become a get-noticed, genius way to transform messages, labels and display signs into stunning art.