Top 5 DIY Tips for a Stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner Party Using Chalkboard Art

Top 5 DIY Tips for a Stress-free Thanksgiving Dinner Party Using Chalk

So you’re having your (extended) family and friends (and friends of friends)—let's just say A LOT of people—over for Thanksgiving, and you are stressed about the amount of food you have to prepare? Don’t worry, because here are easy DIY Thanksgiving ideas to keep you organized and on track. They won’t take much time and can help make the holiday stress-free, fun and memorable for all!

As a DIY enthusiast, I know how it feels to be scrambling around on a holiday, cooking, greeting guests and making sure everything is in order. Which is why these Thanksgiving chalkboard art ideas are definitely something you can be thankful for — I know I am! So here are a few DIY Thanksgiving projects to make sure your holiday runs smoothly. Naturally, it all begins with chalk markers!

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Well-Organized Dinner Party

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I definitely understand how stressful it is to plan a Thanksgiving dinner party when some guests have not confirmed their attendance yet. Not to mention having to take into account if some guests have food allergies so you have to modify a recipe. I could never keep my head on straight without an organized list!

Start with a grocery list to put up on your refrigerator. For this quick little project, you need chalkboard vinyl sheets and chalk markers of any color you like. The vinyl sheets are perfect for smooth writing and easy posting on the fridge. You can even use the sheets to cover a whole wall, with no worry about damage to the surface!

Don’t Make Just One List – Make Two!

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Really, two lists, you ask? YES—one for purchasing and one for the cooking. Separately listing the ingredients you need for cooking and the ones you have to purchase will save you time and headache. If you prepare the cooking list first, then you will know exactly how many eggs or packets of gravy mix you have to buy, so there is no need to go back and forth to the grocery store as your stress level rises. Chalkboard vinyl sheets allow you to post both these lists right on the refrigerator.

One great idea for organizing your lists is to coordinate each ingredient or recipe by color. For example, we love both turkey and roast beef at my house, so I like to make sure that the recipe for the turkey’s gravy is a different color than the one for the roast beef’s gravy. By the way, you can also use chalkboard contact paper for this project, which works especially well if you want to do a separate sheet for each big recipe.

Awesome PRE-Preparation DIY Thanksgiving Ideas Before the Big Dinner Party

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With so many things to cook, it's amazing how fast an organized kitchen can turn into chaos. I have a small kitchen, which means I don’t have a lot of space to prepare dinner. But preparing as much as I can before the day of the big Thanksgiving dinner makes things much easier for me. For this project, I use vintage labels for all the key ingredients.

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Using chalk markers, I label each packet, box or bottle several days before I'm going to need them in a rush. For jars, I use circular labels and place them on the lids. I like using jars for dry ingredients such as beans, macaroni pasta, flour, etc. It is a neat and classy way to keep your pantry organized.

Make the Best Thanksgiving Chalkboard Art Menu Sign

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Wouldn't it be great if while your guests were waiting to gather at the dinner table, they already knew what you were cooking so they didn't keep bothering you in the kitchen to ask? Using a rustic framed porcelain steel chalkboard, you can use chalk markers to list all the appetizers, the main course, the sides and the dessert.

You can choose the style of lettering and the color that suit the style or theme of your feast. This year’s Thanksgiving at my house is rustic, so I’m choosing a font style that is elegant but simple.

Displaying a chalkboard menu for everyone to see gives your guests the great feeling of knowing a well-prepared dinner is on its way!

Take Home Left Overs With Special Messages

Speaking of being prepared, you can also prepare the containers for your leftovers in advance! Guests love to take home Thanksgiving leftovers, especially when they're so elegantly packaged that they don’t even look like leftovers. Plus, a special message included on the chalkboard labels can make even the simplest container meaningful and personal. I start my labels with, “I’m thankful you joined today’s Thanksgiving dinner!”

Thanksgiving should be stress-free for everyone, and these simple DIY Thanksgiving ideas are small tips that can be big anxiety-lifters. Take that huge weight off your shoulders this Thanksgiving with chalkboard art and create a more memorable holiday. Start your Thanksgiving preparations with chalk markers today!