Celebrate Pride Month 2017 in Style with Colorful Chalkboard Pride Day Quotes

Celebrate Pride Month 2017 in Style with Chalkboard Pride Day Quotes

Let’s celebrate the most colorful event of the year, Pride Month 2017! And there’s no better way to commemorate the birth of LGBTQ rights than creating artful banners so the world can witness the beauty of diversity. So be ready with your chalkboards and liquid chalk markers as we take part in this unique and vibrant festival!

 pride day 2017

Pride Month showcases the celebration of identity, equality and gender diversity through queer parties, parades and peaceful protests. People around the world flood the streets and social media sites with colorful banners and posters to show their support for this special event.

If you want to join the chorus and participate in creating your own unique and artful shoutout to everyone taking pride in celebrating Pride Day, the best way to go is to make DIY Chalkboard Banners! They are cheap and easy to make and will definitely be one-of-a-kind handcrafted artworks.

To create your chalkboard banner or poster, you can use chalkboard contact papers and/or vinyl sheets. Simply stick them on a cardboard sheet and you’re good to go. Then you can start designing your chalkboard with colorful liquid chalk markers.

Here are some popular Pride Month shoutouts for your banners and posters:

pride day 2017

  • “Love Wins”
  • “Love is Love”
  • “Out and Loud”
  • “Love Heals”
  • “Show Your True Colors”
  • “World Pride. Be Proud”
  • “Embrace Diversity. Support Equality”
  • “Let Me Be Perfectly Queer”
  • “Nothing is Prettier than a Rainbow”

You can also create your own Pride Month shoutouts to let everyone know how you truly feel. Don’t hold yourself back, belt out how you support and appreciate this one of a kind celebration of life.

Pride Month is a truly unique celebration of equality, diversity and human rights. Let’s all join this most colorful event of the year and inspire people around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your chalkboards and liquid chalk markers and start showing off your own Pride Month shoutouts!