4 Super Easy Office Chalkboard Art Hacks

4 Super Easy Office Chalkboard Art Hacks

Can you imagine chalk art projects adorning the walls of your office? That would be awesomely fun! You can create chalkboard menu labels, DIY chalkboard custom coffee cups, tea jar labels and beverage labels, just to name a few possibilities. These are simple, handcrafted chalkboard office signs that you can make with your liquid chalk markers. 

Many workplaces today make an effort to create a cool office environment to inspire employees. Hip office décor is also a great way to bring in some fun and energy to help employees de-stress and be more creative and productive.

So why not start with a small project inside the office? It only takes a few minutes to help create an office space with a comfortable feel without breaking the bank. Chalk art projects are the best way to achieve this! They are cheap and easy to make.

Grab those liquid chalk markers, chalkboard papers, and chalkboard spray paints and let me give you some DIY ideas for your unique chalkboard office signage and labels. 

Chalkboard Tea Labels

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These labels are super easy to make. All you need is a bit of chalkboard contact paper and liquid chalk markers. Cut the paper into sizes that will fit your tea jars. Using your markers, create labels such as Green Tea, Oolong, Hibiscus, Chamomile and more. Then stick the mini chalk art labels to your tea jars, and voila!

Fun with Juices

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Do you ever feel bad for that lonely juice jar at the end of the table or break room counter? And you don’t even know what flavor it is! Well, take the initiative and label it with a chalkboard sign. It will turn that jar into a work of art, and an informative one at that! 

Simply get a chalkboard contact paper, stick it on the jar and use your liquid chalk markers to label and design it. The next time one of your colleagues is looking for a great cup of juice, she will know it’s her favorite—lemonade.

Personalized Chalkboard Coffee Cups with Liquid Chalk Marker Quotes

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These are really cool and #cutenessoverload! They will definitely bring warmth to your colleagues and lift their spirits.

With your ready-made cup of latte in hand, stick it with chalkboard contact paper cutouts and write messages or quotes using your liquid chalk markers. You can jot down funny phrases like “Brewtiful”, “Mocha me Crazy”, “Espress yo' Self”. You can also wish someone a good day or offer other encouraging notes to motivate them.

To learn more about creating personalized chalkboard coffee cups, check out this article!

Good Morning Vibes Chalkboard Shoutout

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Do you want to make a special breakfast meal for your boss but your cooking is not so agreeable?

Well, worry no more! Here’s how you can make even simple takeout food a special dining experience!

Get a chalkboard vinyl sheet and liquid chalk markers. Then draft colorful designs on your sheet along with a message for good vibes. You can write messages like “Best Team Ever” to show you appreciate the teamwork at your workplace. You can also create a design that that celebrates the menu choice you are sharing, just to make your meal look incredibly cute.


After creating your chalk art menu label, you can now hand over your specially prepared meal with the chalkboard note beside it. But if you want to be even more artistic, you can place the chalkboard cutout on a miniature easel. Adorable squared!

These are just a few of the ideas you can create with your handmade chalkboards and liquid chalk markers. And definitely, these chalkboard office hacks will make every corner of your workspace fun and lively and will brighten even the dullest day. Go ahead and get your office team members to try out these cool chalkboard office projects!