Plan Your Dream Vacation with a Cool Chalkboard Travel Vision Board

Can’t wait for the next time you take a vacation? Or are you looking forward to your long weekend off? Sometimes, even DIY liquid chalk markers divas and super moms like me need to take a break. The daily grind at work often occupies us, but there will always be that short moment when you sigh and feel like you need a breather and perhaps some motivational and inspiring quotes to lift your weary spirits.

Busy professionals have different means of de-stressing in their lives. Some opt to go to the gym, cook amazing food or build arts and crafts, while others travel. How about combining two great ways to unwind into one fun activity?

Build a Travel Vision Board With Chalkboard Travel Quotes

chalkboard travel quotes

If you’re a planner like me, you like to keep things organized as well as inspiring. In order to keep your busy professional self pumped up to finish the daily grind and inspired to look forward to the next vacation, you can make chalkboard travel quotes with liquid chalk markers and put them up on a travel vision board. I have one in my room.

All you need are colorful liquid chalk markers, travel quotes and chalkboard paper.

If your next vacation is to the beach, use blue, yellow and tan liquid chalk markers. Search for travel quotes online. One quote that really inspires me is “Fair winds and following seas!” Those words just speak of how good the weather will be when I arrive to take that swim in the ocean.

Puns and Travel Quotes

chalkboard travel quotes

If you like puns and jokes, you can also use liquid chalk markers to write travel-themed statements that will make you laugh. For example, “Fo Shore!” is a “punny” thing plus it speaks about my travel goal to hit the beach or sail the seas soon.

On your travel vision board you can also pin pictures of the sea, the waves or the group of friends and family you are bringing with you. Drawing images of the sea and sand can also be therapeutic, so de-stress by drawing the gently rolling surf with liquid chalk markers beside your chosen travel quotes.

chalkboard travel quotes

Envision your dream vacation now and build your travel vision boards with liquid chalk markers. Write down those travel quotes to get a dose of inspiration!