Ultimate DIY Halloween Party Planning With Chalkboards and Chalk Markers

Ultimate DIY Halloween Party Planning With Chalkboards and Chalk Marke

Are you planning to have the greatest Halloween party ever but think you do not have the budget for it? I will let you in on a little secret that keeps both my home and my pocketbook happy: Did you know that chalk markers are your best friends when it comes to DIY Halloween projects?

You see, the secret lies in the countless ways you can use a box of chalk markers, a handful of chalkboard contact paper sheets and your imagination. You may see a lot of homes, parties and businesses splurging on colored lights, expensive printed signs, and ready-made designs — but those would cost you more than a pretty penny.

Before you run off to the department or party store to purchase Halloween party decorations, why not put your chalk markers to good use and create your very own ultimate chalkboard Halloween party?

First Things First: The Chalkboard Halloween Party Sign

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Whether you are planning a shindig at home or putting on a Halloween Party at your restaurant or dining establishment, you need to get the word out first! Every guest or potential customer needs to know where the big party is, but there is no need for expensive signs. All you need is a kickstand chalkboard or a wooden A-frame chalkboard. This DIY Halloween project is easy to do. Grab your box of chalk markers and get creating!

Using white chalk markers, you can make a DIY Halloween project design of cobwebs. Draw cobwebs around the chalkboard to give it that eerie feel. A little neon spider here and there would not hurt, either. Potential customers will not be able to resist the classic “Trick or Treat” phrase that never gets old. This sign draws customers in with a Halloween A-Frame Chalkboard Art sign promising that there something special in store for those who enter the establishment. Aren’t you curious as to what tricks and treats they have planned?

Halloween Party Concoctions Using Chalkboard Labels

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Although it can be great fun to drink green liquid from a bottle or a bubbling purple glass of mystery, it's also scary. Such Halloween curiosities can sometimes put customers and guests off if they are not introduced properly. Which is why chalkboard labels are your best allies in the game of mystery drinks!

Your chalkboard Halloween Party wouldn’t be complete without that Queen “Bloody” Mary or that mysterious Black Magic drink. These party concoctions will be a hit for sure! All you need are the right chalkboard labels. To make your label really pop, you can use neon liquid chalk markers if you wish. Want to learn more about how to label your drinks and other party concoctions? We have the best Halloween Party concoctions chalkboard label guide for you to check out.

Spice Up Your Party With a Halloween Party Goodie Bag

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What is a party without goodie bags? The best Halloween parties give everyone both memories and gifts! Even if you have all the goodies prepared, though, you’re probably wondering how you are going to make your goodie bags special. Well, you don’t need to spend money on decorative bags. You can use items you already have at home, such as sheets of colored paper (for Halloween, black and orange are preferred, of course) or chalkboard contact paper. Using your chalk markers, you can draw your pumpkins, skulls, spiders and ghosts on contact paper. Then you can either apply the contact paper to bags you have on hand, or just fold it to create your own bags. You can also cut out specially made colored skulls as stickers to seal your goodie bags!

Mystery Meals Chalkboard Menu for Your Halloween Party Treats

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At Halloween parties, food is always at the center of all the mystery. Guests will both cringe in horror and squeal with delight when they see a bloody brain in the middle of the table—only to find out that it is a red velvet cake! If you are a restaurant owner, however, you don't want the mystery to scare customers away. Your Halloween Party needs a chalkboard menu.

You can use a rustic chalkboard to showcase your Poison Apples and Mystery Meats. No matter how much fun all of us in the food business want to have creating exciting themed dishes, guests will still want to know what they are eating! (For the ones who really want a mystery, you can always just post a "spoiler alert" advising them to divert their eyes from the chalkboard.)

You can use neon chalk markers or any color chalk markers you like. For your chalkboard Halloween party menu, the rustic framed porcelain steel chalkboard is a great choice. With this chalkboard, your Spooky Treats menu will be perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to hang and sturdy enough for long-term ongoing use.

Not a Party Without a DIY Halloween Party Cat Mask

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A Halloween party is never complete without a resident Cat Woman. All you need is a cat mask print out, and we've got you covered! For our subscribers, download our free cat mask template here! If you haven't subscribed yet, don't worry, it's easy and totally free. Just sign up and download your free cat mask template today!

After you print out the template, simply cut out the mask and draw your chosen design on it. You can be a Colorful Cat or a Scary Cat at your Chalkboard Halloween Party. Go with whatever puts you in the Halloween spirit! After creating your perfect design with your chalk markers, just stick the tabs together with glue and thread an elastic string through the holes as indicated. Voila! You’re ready to “meow” the night away!

Spooky Halloween Party Dessert Shots

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Desserts don’t scare anyone, right? In fact, people look forward to desserts at any party! But do not limit yourself to the usual ho-hum plates or clear glasses. Here is a quick yogurt smoothie dessert ghost shot design you can try. You just need a black liquid chalk marker. Draw a scary face on the shot glass, and you are all set! It is so easy that your unique desserts will be "scaring up" new friends and customers in no time!

Skull Bulbs Here, There, Everywhere!

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You can also unleash your crafty touch on your venue’s lightbulbs. There is no need to buy ready-made Halloween lights or ruin your perfectly lovely bulb fixtures. You can use chalk markers to draw skulls or ghoulish faces on the bulbs you have. And the best thing? When the bulb lights up, ghouls everywhere! And the even better best thing? When you’re done, it is so easy to wipe off your design like it never happened at all — a mystery that will have the kids puzzled with delight all through the next day!

Halloween Party Give-Aways With Chalkboard Labels

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Of course, what is a party without giveaways? Sure, grabbing a handful of candies and stuffing them in your bag may be the tradition. But your chalkboard Halloween party should add a bit of flare and fun to it! This DIY Halloween project is perfect for your Halloween party. Why not use chalkboard labels to designate treats for each type of ghoul or monster that creeps in?

Turn your Halloween party into a Chalkboard Halloween Party with these quick and easy tips! Your party need not be super expensive. With chalk markers, you can decorate everything and anything! Plus, it’s easy to clean up. Design your Halloween party with liquid chalk markers today and make the event a spooky treat for everyone!