Chalkboard Labels for your Halloween Party Concoctions

Can’t get enough of the Halloween DIY project craze? Same here! Let’s hype up your Halloween party even more with these chalkboard art DIY Halloween booze labels and tabletop menu!

Get your chalkboard art tools and chalk markers, and I will show you how you can create this easy peasy Halloween DIY project chalkboard art craft.

DIY Halloween Tabletop Booze Menu

This chalkboard kickstand will surely make the best centerpiece for any Halloween Party!

To pull this off, get a vintage slate chalkboard and grab those colored chalk markers. Then start listing the concoctions you plan to offer. You can simply write the names out like a checklist or add some booze-inspired designs to make it extra festive.

Next, put your vintage slates on every party table. Or just put one at the bar area, so your guests can easily pick out their poison.

Halloween Party Concoctions Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard labels

Oh! This one will definitely bring out the creative diva in you as you formulate unique names for your Halloween party concoctions. But better be sure to test your creations out with your close friends first to be sure that the mixes taste like heaven and will bring your guests over the edge!

chalkboard labels

To start this Halloween DIY project, grab some chalkboard art label sheets and stick them to your booze bottles. Then, using your neon liquid chalk markers or classic liquid chalk markers, start labeling them with your made-up booze names.

chalkboard labels

Check out some of these names and mixes I made for one of my DIY Halloween parties:

  • Queen “Bloody” Mary – the typical Bloody Mary mix named after the ruthless Queen Mary I of England – just perfect for your Halloween party horror.
  • Morgue-a-Rita - a Halloween version of the beloved ladies' drink. Mix fresh lime juice with some tequila, tequila, and maraschino cherry syrup. You can also add a trickling goo on the glass using light corn syrup and green food coloring for that extra spooky effect.
  • Spooky Martini – mix of vermouth and gin with a glow stick dipped in it. Yes! A glow stick, to put that eerie blue color in your guest’s drink.
  • Black Magic – a mix of black vodka and cranberry juice. Remember not to stir them in the glass; let them swirl naturally to create that creepy effect.

chalkboard labels

These chalkboard art DIY Halloween projects are just awesome! You just can’t run out of ideas! And with your vintage slate chalkboard tabletop menu and booze labels, your DIY Halloween bash will definitely be a graveyard smash! Start yours today and tell us all about it!