Cool and Unique Personalized DIY Chalkboard Father's Day Gift Ideas

Cool and Unique Personalized DIY Chalkboard Father's Day Gift Ideas

Are you struggling to find the right gift for Father's Day this weekend? You are not alone. I know a lot of people who have been asking what would be the best gift for the best dad in the world. What they don’t know is that liquid chalkboard markers could be the answer!

The Best Dad in the World Likes the Little Things

Even right now, I have friends asking me what would be the best gift for a new dad, a retired father or a hardworking pop. At home, when I ask my dad what he wants us to get him for Father's Day, he says he just wants a relaxing day at home. That isn’t much to go on. And sometimes I find myself wondering if he's using reverse psychology, because I suddenly think of rushing to the store to buy him a new screwdriver set!

Instead of getting in the car and driving to the electronics or hardware store this weekend, you can do something different. Most dads really do want a relaxing day at home with no stress from the kids and relatives. Which is why the bestest dad in the world only deserves the bestest things.

Why not give him the ultimate survival kit using liquid chalkboard markers?

chalkboard father's day gift ideas

If you have an extra lunchbox in the garage or an old, unused briefcase, then this is the perfect project for you! All you need are a few sheets of chalkboard contact paper or chalkboard vinyl sheets, along with liquid chalkboard markers in dad’s favorite colors. Adhesive chalkboard contact paper sheets are great because they have a strong adhesive but are easy to remove and reapply if you need to reposition them. You do not need to use glue at all! That's a pretty neat tool for DIYers.

Chalkboard vinyl sheets also work well because they have grid lines on the back for easy cutting or drawing a creative shape to trim the sheet into. It is a great alternative to contact paper if you want to create different types of designs and cut them out. With the gridlines, there is no need for a ruler to cut perfectly straight edges. What’s neat about this material is that it is non-toxic and waterproof, too! After designing Dad’s Ultimate Survival Kit, don’t forget to fill the box with dad’s favorite items like his favorite brand of beer, instant coffee and sweet, crunchy candy bars! If you are doing this project with your kids, little notes and drawings from them are adorable and can be stored in the kit, too!

Perhaps you’d like to throw a beer mug into the Dad’s Ultimate Survival Kit mix? That is not a bad idea! A DIY Best Dad Beer Mug is a perfect accompaniment to the kit.

chalkboard father's day gift ideas

To craft your special mug for Dad, you will need a clear glass beer mug, a clean sheet of white paper and liquid chalk markers. Just sketch out your lettering or design on the white paper and put it inside the mug with the design facing outward. Then take your liquid chalkboard markers in dad’s favorite colors and fill in the design and lettering on the outside of the mug.

If you still feel that your Ultimate Father's Day Kit is lacking something you need to give Dad the best day ever, the Best Pop in the World Popcorn Surprise box is perfect for the dad that wants to put his feet up for the day!

To get the most out of this project, make sure you have your dad's favorite movie prepared. You may already have a cold one and a few snack bars ready to go, but Dad needs popcorn to make the home theater entertainment experience complete. He especially needs a popcorn box that says he is the Best Dad in the World!

chalkboard father's day gift ideas

Using liquid chalkboard markers you can draw on the popcorn box using dad’s favorite colors. On the side, if you really want to make this Father's Day extra special, you can also make a card with the markers using chalkboard paper! There is nothing better than a small note with a big message saying that he is the Best Pop In The World.

To make Dad's special day even more exciting and more of a surprise, you can place cutouts of arrows outside the house to lead your dad from the yard to the living room. Each arrow can have a message written with liquid chalkboard markers on it, such as “Follow the arrows!" "For the Best Dad in the World!" or "Happy Father's’ Day!” (You can come up with your own messages, too!) Make sure the last arrow leads to the table with the Ultimate Father’s Day Survival Kit, DIY Best Dad Beer Mug and Best Pop in the World Popcorn!

Remember this Father's Day that sometimes dad doesn’t need the latest and most expensive items from the mall. There is no need for you to spend that extra cash. All you need is a little bit of imagination and some help from the kids to make the dad in your home feel like a king for a day.


Dad will surely love the personalized Father's Day gifts that liquid chalkboard markers can bring! Plus, he gets to see a movie he really wants and put his feet up while enjoying a cold beer and popcorn! Try it now for Father's’ Day!