The Ultimate Father's Day Chalkboard Survival Kit for Dad


The best dads in the world deserve only the best things. (I have three special dads in my life right now—my husband, my dad, and my dad-in-law!) Which is why for this coming Father's Day, the DIY diva in me can't stop thinking about providing the dads I adore with the ultimate survival kit, created using liquid chalkboard markers, of course. The great thing about this project is that it's so inexpensive that I don't have to hesitate about giving this gift three times!

Chalkboard Paper on a Lunchbox in Disguise

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

You probably have an extra or old-fashioned lunchbox lying around somewhere in the house or garage. An old briefcase can work, too. All you need are a few pieces of chalkboard paper or vinyl sheets, and liquid chalkboard markers in Dad’s favorite colors.

  1. First, you need to cut out the chalkboard paper to the exact size of the face of the lunchbox or briefcase.

Adhesive chalkboard contact paper is perfect for this because it has a strong adhesive but is easy to remove if you need to reposition it.

  1. Before applying the contact paper, remember to clean the surface you will be attaching it to; let it dry completely.

Alternatively, you can use chalkboard vinyl sheets. They have grid lines on the back to help you cut straight lines. Vinyl sheets are the best option if you want to do decal-type designs on the lunchbox or briefcase, instead of just a rectangular contact sheet covering the whole surface. And the best thing about vinyl sheets is that they are non-toxic and waterproof!

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

  1. You can either write the words, “Dad’s Ultimate Survival Kit” on the contact paper using liquid chalkboard markers in his favorite colors, or you can opt for multiple fun sayings on cutouts you create using chalkboard vinyl sheets.

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

Personally, I like to do both! I use the chalkboard paper as a background. I chose to draw gears and circuits because Dad likes to tinker with electronics. I begin by drawing the designs on a separate sheet of plain paper. Then I use that paper as a stencil to trace out the shapes on the back of the chalkboard vinyl sheets. Make sure to line up any straight lines in your design with the gridlines. I then cut the design out and stick it to the chalkboard paper surface I've created on the lunchbox. Then I can color away with the chalkboard pens!

  1. Lastly, don’t forget to fill the box with dad’s important items — his favorite coffee blend, a beloved beverage in a can and a few survival candy bars to celebrate Father’s Day!

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

Sometimes, Dad doesn’t need the latest and most expensive items. He will love the imagination of a personalized gift crafted with liquid chalkboard markers! Try it now for Father's Day!