Your Ultimate Guide to How to Remove Chalk Marker Ink and Prevent Ghosting on Chalkboards

Your Ultimate Guide to How to Remove Chalk Marker Ink and Prevent Ghos

I love how well I can remove liquid chalk marker ink from my framed chalkboard, but let's face it, the cleanup is never as fun as creating the artwork. Of course, a wet rag is all you need to wipe ink away, but I have to share with you that when it comes to how to erase chalk markers, the best trick comes in a handy bottle!

Although I feel sad wiping my DIY artwork off of chalkboards, I feel much better afterward if I clean off the ink from my wet erase chalk markers with a useful tool that I always keep within reach. Why? Because it prevents ghosting and it gives me the chance to make yet another beautiful piece of DIY chalk art! And do you want to know another secret? This miracle in a bottle is my best friend when I make a mistake while drawing on a chalkboard!

Let me introduce you to the VersaChalk chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning kit—the best cleaning kit for both dry-erase pens and wet erase chalk markers. I recommend this bottle to all chalk art artists, personally—and it is easy to use!

how to erase chalk marker ink

I am a huge fan of this product because it uses natural ingredients and does not release any strong odors. It is non-toxic and water-based, which makes it safe for the kids to use as well. No mess, no nasty smell of alcohol, ammonia or petrochemicals before or after application, no problem.

The chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning kit come with two foam erasers, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a 10 oz. bottle of natural cleaner. The ingredients in the spray help prevent ghosting, which is awesome because I want to keep all my chalkboard surfaces looking brand new for years!

How To Erase Chalk Markers From Chalkboards

The natural cleaner comes in an easy, 10-oz. spray bottle and is sure to wipe out every trace of ink from liquid chalk markers. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to wet erase chalk marker ink from chalkboards in a spotless way:

how to erase chalk marker ink

  • Holding the bottle upright, aim the nozzle at the area of the chalkboard you want to clean.

how to erase chalk marker ink

  • Lightly coat the surface with the cleaning solution.

how to erase chalk marker ink

  • Don’t immediately wipe off the solution. Instead, make sure you give it time to soak into the liquid chalk markers’ ink. This takes about 20 to 30 seconds.

how to erase chalk marker ink

  • Using a damp microfiber cloth, simply wipe the ink and cleaning solution off the chalkboard.

Quick and Easy Way To Prevent Ghosting on Chalkboards

how to prevent ghosting on chalkboard

Now your artistic canvas looks clean and inviting, but you need to prevent the chalkboard from ghosting. Ghosting is a potential aftereffect of cleaning away chalk stains, caused by tiny bits of ink residue. Wouldn't you hate it if your chalkboard was marred with permanent marks? You don't want the shadow of your previous art to show through your new masterpiece.

Fortunately, using this chalkboard cleaning solution is the best method out there to solve the problem of how to erase ghosting from dry erase markers and liquid chalk markers. You will need the foam eraser that came with the kit. This brings me to the final two steps in this step-by-step guide to the best way to remove chalk marker ink and prevent ghosting:

how to prevent ghosting on chalkboard

  • Spray the corner of the foam eraser with just 1 or 2 sprays of the cleaning solution. Then scrub away tough stains and marks with the damp corner of the eraser.

how to prevent ghosting on chalkboard

  • Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the chalkboard dry, and voila! A brand new-looking, perfectly clean board for another piece of chalkboard art.

Amazing Way to Season or Prime a New Chalkboard

how to prime a new chalkboard

Are you breaking in a new chalkboard? Cleaning it with the chalk cleaning solution after the first use is always a good idea, of course. But to get the most out of your chalkboard over the long haul, you will want to season the board, too.

Because many chalkboard surfaces are somewhat porous, they need to be primed for more uses. Salvaged Inspirations recommends this process to prime a chalkboard:

how to season a new chalkboard

  • After your chalkboard is fully dry, take a piece of chalk and use the side (not the tip) to rub the entire surface with horizontal strokes. Make sure the board is completely covered.

how to prime a new chalkboard

  • Rub the entire chalkboard surface with the chalk again, this time using vertical strokes.

how to prime a new chalkboard

  • Wipe the board clean with a dry sponge or microfiber cloth. Ta-dah! A seasoned chalkboard!

The Best Way to Preserve Your Liquid Chalk Marker Art

Sometimes, wiping away your chalk creation is the last thing you want to do! If you’re the type who wants to preserve all the chalk art you have ever made, you'll love this tip I discovered from Little Red Window. The magic tool? Hairspray! Make sure you get one that is alcohol-free (where the first or second ingredient is water), an aerosol, and free of silicones. Position yourself about 10 inches away from your artwork and just spray a thin layer onto the surface. It will look like your drawing has disappeared at first, but don’t panic and run for your liquid chalk markers to save it just yet! Leave it alone for 15 minutes or more and it will magically re-appear, preserved for the ages!

But What If You’re an On-the-Go Chalk Artist?

What if you’re on the go? I know some chalkboard artists who carry around a few handy, reliable liquid chalk markers in their pockets. (I know I do!) I also always carry an all-purpose eraser with me in my bag.

Why? Aside from the fact that it removes the toughest stains and even soap scum, it is a super convenient tool to carry around. As a DIY mom on the go, I think of it as a superhero’s weapon because it also keeps away mold and mildew, so my kitchen tiles and bathroom walls stay spotless. So it is really an all-around tool! And like the chalkboard cleaning kit, it is also non-toxic and safe for the environment.

I trust this all-purpose eraser because it is manufactured in the same factory that produces the leading brand-name sponge, so you know it is made from the highest quality melamine foam available. It is tougher, denser and thicker than any other sponge you have ever used, and boy does it go to work on stains.

Learning how to erase chalk markers has never been this easy. Investment in the proper tools for the job is worth every penny! Forget everything else you've tried, this is the better method for how to remove dry and wet erase chalk markers. So go beyond the wet rag and invest in a chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning kit and an all-purpose eraser today. They’ll be your DIY best friends, too!