All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)

$ 9.99
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  • All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)
  • All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)
  • All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)
  • All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)
  • All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)

All Purpose Eraser (10 Pack)

Price: $ 9.99
  • SUPERIOR CHALKBOARD CLEANING: Restore your chalkboards to like-new condition! Foam eraser even removes stains from low-quality chalk markers and stray marks on frames and other porous surfaces.
  • BETTER CLEANING & LONGER LIFE: We use the highest quality melamine foam available to ensure that our sponges clean better and last longer than cheap, low-quality knockoffs.
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE: Versatile eraser also removes tough stains and dirt, soap scum and mildew from surfaces all over the house.
  • NON-TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY: Odor-free, 100% biodegradable and safe for children and pets, multi-purpose erasers outperform toxic chalkboard cleaners containing harsh chemicals.
  • CLEANS IN SECONDS: Dense melamine foam contains powerful micro-scrubbers. Just dampen the sponge and wipe your chalkboard clean!


Next-level chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning

Our Multi-Surface “Magic” Melamine Foam Sponge is the ultimate weapon for perfect chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning. It is denser and thicker than many competitors’ foam erasers, allowing you to use it over and over again without any loss of cleaning power.

✓ Simply dampen with water or our all-natural Chalkboard Cleaning Kit solution to easily wipe away even old chalkboard stains left by low-quality chalk markers.

✓ Easy on sensitive skin – our magic cleaner sponge is non-toxic, with no detergent, additives, or harmful chemicals.

✓ Remove pen or marker stains (chalk markers, permanent markers, ballpoint pens, etc.) from almost ANY surface. (Note: Results not guaranteed – chalk markers are only compatible with non-porous surfaces).

Not just for chalkboards!

Our all purpose multi-surface melamine foam cleaning sponge can be used throughout your home or business!

✓ Clean away stubborn dirt and grime on kitchen walls and furniture

✓ Remove soap scum from your bathroom walls, floors, and shower doors

✓ Remove stains or tarnish from sinks, cookware or silver utensils

✓ Clean away rust, mold and mildew build-up

✓ Remove stains in your office – clean computers, keyboards, whiteboards, electronics and more!

What’s the secret to our foam eraser’s power?

We use only the highest-quality melamine foam. Its powerful, micro-abrasive microscrubbers can take on the toughest stains – just dampen it and let the magic begin!


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