How to Properly Use Chalk Markers

How to Properly Use Chalk Markers

Chalk markers have been increasingly popular nowadays. It's being used for projects at home, restaurant, parties, events, and so much more! Despite its popularity, I noticed that there were many people who were unsure how to use chalk markers

How To Activate 

It's easy to do it: Just shake, pump and draw!

1. Hold the marker diagonally, with the cap on, and start shaking. 
2. On a flat surface, press the tip in and release. Repeat until the tip fills up with ink. It usually takes around 20-40 pumps. 
3. Start drawing! 

Do not apply too much pressure to the tip when pumping the markers. It can cause the tips to deform. 

Proper Storage 

+ Pens should is best stored upright with the cap at the top. 
+ Ensure that the cap is on tight.

Tips and notes

+ Always clean the writing surface before using. 
+ Always use a clean and damp cloth when erasing.
+ The ink takes a few seconds to dry. 
+ Chalk markers only work with non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, porcelain chalkboards, slate chalkboards, or any other sealed surfaces. 
+ Take note that certain chalkboards are not compatible with chalk markers. Some examples are chalkboard-painted MDF boards or chalkboard painted walls. 
+ Always do a spot test before using the markers on the entire surface. This will allow you to see if the surface you are planning to use the pens on is compatible with it. 


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