This Best Rustic Chalkboard Garden Wedding Theme Is Every Girl's Fantasy

This Best Rustic Chalkboard Garden Wedding Theme Is Every Girl's Fanta

These days, a lot of people are conscious of saving that extra dollar while putting together all the things they want for their special celebrations. I have seen how couples get stressed about the little details of their wedding and throw up their hands in frustration over how much it all costs. (Well, it happened to me as well.) 

When it comes to planning a wedding, a lot of things can be quite costly. That's why a rustic chalkboard garden wedding theme using liquid chalk markers could just be the ticket for couples looking to get married these days. When it comes to planning weddings, the DIY diva in me always thinks of ways to keep it simple, save a few extra dollars and at the same time get the wedding of your
Some couples know that they don’t have to spend that extra buck. A dollar saved is a dollar for future investments or savings, right? Think of how much you could save by using chalkboard materials and liquid chalk markers for your designs, signage and wedding favors, instead of going to the printing shop.

Why Liquid Chalk Markers Are the Next Best Thing

chalkboard wedding
When faced with picking out designs for your wedding, there are so
many things to consider, from the invitations to the dining tables. Plus, you are thinking not only about the design itself, but also the amount of time and money it will take to print the signs and decorations that will make your wedding the memorable event you want it to be.

If you're trying to stick to a budget, chances are you and your fiancé and your friends and family are pitching in their time and effort to help out with the wedding preparations. Think of the time and resources it takes to cut out letters out of cardboard or wood for decorative signs. Compare that to the time it takes to write a design on a chalkboard using liquid chalk markers—it's no contest! Plus, if you make a mistake while creating a chalkboard sign, it is easy to wipe it away and redo the design.

By now, you are probably thinking that a chalkboard wedding theme is a great idea to explore. How about considering a chalkboard garden wedding or a rustic theme? Maybe you’re now wondering, how can you do all that with liquid chalk markers? There are so many possibilities!

Rustic Chalkboard Wedding Signs


It all starts at the entrance to your wedding venue. Right from the moment your guests arrive, you can showcase your chalkboard wedding theme. Point your guests in the right direction by writing up an elegant Welcome sign with liquid chalk markers.
To make it even more fun, if there is a sidewalk leading to the ceremony, you can write on the concrete as well! Imagine little arrows and hearts instructing your guests to turn left or right. And if your guests will also be looking for the guestbook or the open bar later on, a handy chalkboard sign can be right there waiting for them!

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Chalkboard Table Numbers

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Now it's time for the reception, and your guests need to find their seats. They can easily find the table reserved for them when they spot the chalkboard wedding table number at the heart of the centerpiece. While other couples opt simply for a printed sign with a number on it, why not make it more fun and get creative with liquid chalk markers! Make chalkboard table numbers a decorative highlight of your special day. You can also put ice breaker questions right below the chalkboard table number to help your guests interact with each other in case they are just meeting for the first time.

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Have an Instagram-Ready Chalkboard Wedding Photobooth

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Maybe you’re thinking that using liquid chalk markers is only good for signs and writing on walls and windows. As a resourceful DIY enthusiast, I can assure that is not the case! You can use chalk markers for almost anything. You can even use them to design a chalkboard wedding photo booth.
Photo booths are all the rage at weddings. But even this addition to your special day can cause planning stress, which always revolves around the backdrop to be used. Some photo booth companies opt for a green-screen background so they can digitally paste in your desired theme. That's great, but costly. If you’re planning a chalkboard garden wedding theme, the garden scenery itself can be your photo booth background!

All you need now is the right photo booth frame and the perfect script font for you to write your names and the date of the wedding. A little bit of design or artwork around the frame does not hurt, either. You can even give your guests the option to write on the photo booth frame, too! Think of it as a chalkboard graffiti wall full of loving wishes for the happy couple.

Chalkboard Wedding Favors Designed Just For Your Guests

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Using liquid chalk markers for your garden wedding is not limited
to the design of the venue. Even the smallest things can get their own
chalkboard wedding touch. Think of the wedding favors you can give
away. From scented candle jars to coaster drink covers, all of these precious items can have your personal touch. 

Writing a personal message on each guest’s chalkboard gift box, champagne glass cover or seating card will show not only your particular personality but also how much you appreciate your guests for coming. And wouldn’t it be neat for them to be able to reuse the chalkboard wedding favor you have given them? 

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Aren’t chalkboard weddings a great idea? It is easy on the budget, which is especially important if you are trying to save up for your honeymoon or for your future babies' trust fund. If you are thinking about having that rustic wedding look and feel, you can never go wrong with liquid chalk markers.

So what to do next, you ask? Sit down with your partner and plan that chalkboard wedding today!