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The best dads (I have three special dads in my life right now! My husband, my dad, and my dad in- law) in the world only deserves the best things. Which is why this coming Fathers’ Day, the DIY diva in me can only think of providing him the ultimate survival kit using liquid chalkboard markers to the three best dads in my life. The great thing about this project is that it's super cost efficient that I don’t doubt giving out three!

Chalkboard Paper On Lunchbox In Disguise

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

You probably have an extra or good ‘ol lunchbox in the garage or somewhere lying in the house. An old unused briefcase can work, too. All you need are a few pieces of chalkboard paper or vinyl sheets, and liquid chalkboard markers in dad’s favorite colors.

  1. First, you need to cut out the chalkboard paper to the exact size of the face of the lunchbox or briefcase.

Adhesive chalkboard contact paper is perfect in this case because it has a strong adhesive but is easy to remove in case you need to reposition.

  1. Before pasting, remember to clean and smoothen the contact surface before putting the chalkboard contact paper on the face of the object.

Alternatively, chalkboard vinyl sheets also work because it has grid lines at the back for easy cutting. It is a great option if you want to do decal type designs on the surfaces. And the best thing about this is that it is non-toxic and waterproof!

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

  1. So you have two options. You can either draw on the chalkboard paper with the words “Dad’s Ultimate Survival Kit” using liquid chalkboard markers in his favorite colors or you can opt for cut outs on the chalkboard vinyl sheets.

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

Personally, I’d like to do both! I use the chalkboard paper as a background. In this case, I can draw gears and circuits because dad likes to tinker with electronics. Using a separate sheet of paper, I write the letters and designs on it. Then I use it as a stencil to trace at the back of the chalkboard vinyl sheets. Make sure to line it up with the gridlines. I then cut the design out and paste it on the chalkboard paper. Then I can color away with the chalkboard pens!

  1. Lastly, don’t forget to fill the box with dad’s important items - his favorite coffee blend, beverage in a can and a few survival candy bars to celebrate Father’s Day!

Father's Day Chalkboard Daddy Survival Kit

Sometimes, dad doesn’t need the latest and expensive items. He would love the imagination and personalized gift that liquid chalkboard markers can ignite! Try it now for Fathers’ Day!




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